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dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 08:26:44

Anyone else in the 2ww??

I believe I'm 2dpo so still got a while to go!

TTC #1

BFP/AF due 17/12

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 08:39:13

I'm 8dpo today - got + ovulation test on 26th Nov. TTC after a miscarriage at 5 weeks in October, thought I would fall pregnant straight away naive of me! sad
Hoping this is my month though, feeling a little bit different but not having the major symptoms I had last time before I found out I was pregnant, I'm really 50/50 right now and trying not to get my hopes up too much.

How many months have you been TTC? x

TTC #1
AF due 12/12/17

emelsie Tue 05-Dec-17 08:43:02

Yes I am, not sure exactly how many dpo think about 3, my first cycle , how long have you been trying?
I’m not feeling too positive only managed to dtd 2 times around the fertile week.
I feel like because I have put so much pressure on myself the first month and I have been over thinking it I have probably jinxed myself. How are you feeling about it all? Xx

Prettyprettygood Tue 05-Dec-17 08:46:06

Can I join?

This is our first cycle of trying and I really hope it works. I’m 36 now and my mum went through menopause at 40 so I can hear the clock ticking.

TTC #4
AF due 16/12/17

NelleB Tue 05-Dec-17 09:33:51

I’m the same. I have 6 days until I test... according to my app. It feels like a lifetime. TTC #1 and properly doing cycle 1 as been doing OPK, vitamins and tracking apps. Good luck to everyone x

Daisymalone Tue 05-Dec-17 09:50:15

4dpo (bfp due 14th)
Managed to not test early last month and it felt good so am sticking with that plan for this cycle too! Finding time is going faster each month too now the initial excitement of ttc is wearing off. I'm still ridiculously optimistic every cycle however. Fingers crossed for everyone.😁

Pizzanewyorkcatcher Tue 05-Dec-17 10:26:51

Yup tww here too! According to opk am 4 dpo.

Any tips of how to stay distracted during the tww? grin I get obsessed with symptom spotting!

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:45:36


This is my 5th cycle TTC x

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:46:06


How about you?

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:48:27


My 5th cycle TTC, however this is the first month we've really done things more seriously!

I'm hoping for the best, we managed to DTD a lot around my fertile week so hopefully this could be our month!

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:50:08

@Pizzanewyorkcatcher I'm constantly thinking about symptoms in the 2ww and diagnosing myself with them! I need to take my mind off it too!

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 11:01:48


We're TTC #1, I had a miscarriage mid Oct at 5 weeks. It was our first month or two of trying, we had actually gone into it fairly relaxed and decided not to use any lubes like we would normal use that would interfere or anything - and I fell pregnant straight away and had crazzzzzy symptoms from around 6dpo.

Had my miscarriage mid Oct, had my first period back around 14th November about 5 weeks later, normal period and nothing out the ordinary. I was naively under the impression I would fall pregnant straight away again before my first period as I had read so many stories online about fertility after a miscarriage but I was sadly disappointed. I'm not sure I ovulated after my miscarriage though and needed that first period to get me back to normal maybe?

Since my first period we decided to try the SMEP and boy was it tiring! I've never DTD so much in my life on the run up and even after OV. We even bought preseed but my partner didn't really take to it so never used it much. Tried eating pineapple post ovulation for 4 days after reading about it online and having hot water bottle on tummy, who knows if those things actually work though...

I'm due my period a week today so I guess we will see, I'm feeling quite tired and some mild nausea and some weird little niggles down on my left side on my lower stomach but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. I had reaaaaally strong symptoms last time from 6dpo, aching boobs, couldn't keep eyes open, cramps in legs, bleeding gums, implantation bleed etc etc and so far none of those sad

Took a first response test this morning stupidly and of course it came back negative so I'm feeling down in the dumps.

Anyone think I could maybe still be pregnant or has anyone had major symptoms first time around and next time around not? My fingers and toes are crossed x

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 11:08:05


I think you still have a chance, you've still got a while before AF is due.

A friend of mine was in a similar situation to you, got loads of symptoms the first time round and miscarried at 8 weeks I believe then got pregnant again 3 months later but had absolutely no symptoms and on the day AF was supposed to arrive only got a very very faint BFP

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 11:13:30

I feel like after my miscarriage I've gone mad researching things to do and take around ovulation, partner thinks I'm crazy blush

Are you feeling any symptoms @dancingunicorns123 ? xx

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 11:15:31


I'm feeling a bit nauseous and I'm very tired (went to bed at 6:30 last night!) but I'm only 2/3dpo so I think it's just my mind playing tricks on me!

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 11:30:03

I know the feeling, I remember last time I was almost falling asleep at my desk and taking naps the minute I got in the door from work during the 2ww. At the same time I strangely kept waking up at about 5am every morning and couldn't get back to sleep again, it was like a switch just turned on and I was wide awake! All worth it though!

My fingers are crossed for you lady thanks x

ImpatientMammy Tue 05-Dec-17 12:31:52

3dpo here 🙋🏻‍♀️ for those symptom spotting I think the biggest symptom for most people is lack of symptoms pre AF. Hopefully in theory knowing this will help us stop looking for things x

Presh12345 Tue 05-Dec-17 12:36:01

Webster I'm exactly the same. MMC in June and thought it would happen again quickly because it's all over the internet about how we are very fertile after a miscarriage. I'm still trying and have a strong feeling AF is en route. Gutted. Again.

dancingunicorns123 Tue 05-Dec-17 12:47:11

@webster144 you too! Let me know how you get on this month xxx

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 12:47:20

@ImpatientMammy I hope that's the case! A few days post OV I had quite creamy CM, now I'm incredibly dry since about 4dpo with absolutely nothing which is so unusual for me. So confused! Has this happened to anyone?
Before my MC i constantly felt wet down there (sorry TMI), it was like watery. I have nothing like that this time around sad x

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 12:48:31

@dancingunicorns123 same to you, keep us updated grin x

webster144 Tue 05-Dec-17 12:49:42

@Presh12345 how many dpo are you and do you have any symptoms? Don't give up thanks x

Presh12345 Tue 05-Dec-17 13:16:40

Webster no idea as I don't use opk. So my green week according to ovia was 21-26 and period due Thursday. Poas today and was negative.

BLM18 Tue 05-Dec-17 19:24:06

Hi all. 3 dpo! Everything feeling normal at the moment!

ImpatientMammy Tue 05-Dec-17 20:03:15

@BLM18 same as me when's your AF due? X

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