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Should I POAS?

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IJustGotHitByADeer Sun 03-Dec-17 12:11:33

I've posted about my situation on other threads before but here's a brief summary:

- came off the pill in June
- haven't had any kind of bleed whatsoever since then
- had blood tests in October, results all normal
- gp has said to come back in January if still no period so they can scan my ovaries as he doesn't think I ovulate

Here's the thing - recently I've been having symptoms which could be described as pre-menstrual but aren't the sort of symptoms I would usually get for that iyswim. The main one being sore nipples. DH thinks this is because he may have been a little, erm, enthusiastic with them but I disagree, and it seems to be getting worse instead of better.

My plan is - POAS soon, and assuming it's negative POAS again in early January. If that's negative then I'll go back to the GP.

Am I right to be cautiously optimistic? I have no idea what's going on with my body and would like some hope for a change

LoveTheBear85 Sun 03-Dec-17 12:21:45

I don't think it would do any harm, and might be useful to tell your doctor? Good luck!

Bubblegum89 Sun 03-Dec-17 12:30:24

It is most likely your body readjusting to coming off artificial hormones, notoriously it does things it doesn’t normally do just to get your hopes up! It wouldn’t hurt to take a test though as you won’t know either way until you do. I think if you do and it’s negative, leaving it to your doctor is a good idea. Obviously you weren’t pregnant in October or your bloods would have showed it but if you feel like you need to poas even just to put your mind at rest, it won’t do any harm. Hopefully your doctor can help get your periods going if it turns out you’re not pregnant

IJustGotHitByADeer Sun 03-Dec-17 12:30:59

You're right, just worried about another disappointment. Will send DH out for FRERs later smile

IJustGotHitByADeer Mon 04-Dec-17 10:04:41

It’s negative. I knew it would be but it’s still disappointing sad

octoberfarm Mon 04-Dec-17 10:29:28

Sorry to hear that OP sad

HoneyCake86 Mon 04-Dec-17 11:46:50

Sorry deer flowers i hope you get some answers soon hon xx

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