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Intermittent bleeding after D&C

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WishfulThinking27 Sat 02-Dec-17 12:03:06

I had a D&C for a MMC 19 days ago and bled intermittently for 2 weeks, a couple of days during that time I didn't have any bleeding and thought it had stopped and then started again.

I thought it had stopped as I haven't had any bleeding or spotting for 3 days now but have just had more spotting this morning. It's brownish blood and not much. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know what is "normal"? I'm not sure whether or not to get a check up.

Lifeofpies Sat 02-Dec-17 12:39:28

I don’t think there is a normal, Wishful. I’ve had two and with the last one bled for just a day or two, but bled for 2 weeks with the first. If you’re worried there are retained products, which happens fairly often I think, do go back and get scanned. Especially if the blood smells etc. Did they give you a care leaflet? I’m sorry about your MMC, it’s so hard X

WishfulThinking27 Sat 02-Dec-17 12:43:21

Thank you Lifeofpies I don't have any pain and there's no smell or anything so hoping there isn't an infection. I might give the EPU a ring on Monday and see what they say.

Decaf83 Sat 02-Dec-17 17:53:07

I'd definitely get checked out to be sure. I spotted for 8 weeks after my erpc, was rescanned to be told no retained products but one morning I eventually passed a little piece of tissue. Spotting stopped day after.
Best thing to do if it carries on and another scan gives you all clear is to ask for hcg blood test. If it's below 5 no retained products. The pregnancy tests we're given won't pick up hcg this low.
Hope you are ok, I know it's a crap crap time. Xx

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