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Advice on temping please

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Kkk87 Fri 01-Dec-17 16:11:50

Hi ladies so I've just received my bbt thermometer.. I don't know much about tempting other than I have to do it first thing on a morning before even sitting up etc.. but other than that I'm pretty clueless. Any help appreciated
Tia x

HoneyCake86 Fri 01-Dec-17 16:24:13

Always do it at the same time each morning, join fertility friend or similar if you can so you can plot it on a chart. The idea is that your temp will rise after ovulation and stay risen above a particular point. If AF is coming, rather than being preg, then the temp will drop right back down to around where it was before ovulation. This is due to the drop in progesterone you get before AF

Merrz Fri 01-Dec-17 16:43:13

I'm going to try bbt this cycle, thermometer came yesterday so i'm also interested to hear any stories. I know it advises to do it when you immediately wake up before you get out of bed but i wondered if i were to walk through to the bathroom and do it would that make a huge difference? As long as i did that exactly the same every day then surely my temp movements would still mean the same?

HoneyCake86 Fri 01-Dec-17 17:00:48

Its up to you, i guess as long as you do the same each day and temp at the exact same point... i personally prefer to do it before i get up, the idea is to get a basal temp which is the body temp fully at rest. I dont know how much, if any, difference it would be.. maybe one day temp before you leave bed then repeat to get to the toilet to see if it makes any difference?

HoneyCake86 Fri 01-Dec-17 17:01:48

*repeat when you get to the toilet.

I wish we could just edit our posts hmm

SoozC Fri 01-Dec-17 17:07:25

BBT is supposed to be done when resting, so any activity will mess up the results. However, it may be if you do exactly the same activity each day then the results will still show a shift up for ovulation and a downward shift for af.

Have a look here:;8;0;0

BadPolicy Fri 01-Dec-17 20:30:21

As long as i did that exactly the same every day then surely my temp movements would still mean the same?

No, absolutely not. It makes a huge difference. It also makes a noticeable different if you sleep more / less, or of you're ill.

Kkk87 Sat 02-Dec-17 18:39:50

Thanks everyone x

Merrz Sat 02-Dec-17 20:35:15

Thanks everyone, think I'll just do it before I get out of bed to be safe.

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