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Letter from hospital to GP re starting TTC...sorry, long!

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TinySnowBuddy Fri 01-Dec-17 13:55:42

Hello, I'm a long time lurker on the conception boards 

Since being a teenager I've suffered badly with endometriosis and a couple of months ago I had my third laparoscopy to remove it. I had my second mirena inserted at the same time. When I woke up (very groggy and couldn't ask questions or anything) the nurse told me they'd seen an awful lot but I was then discharged with no info other than a bit of paper with 'endometriosis lesions removed from x and y'

Following that my long term partner and I have decided that we want to start TTC asap - we would have within a year or two anyway but I strongly believe the sooner we start the sooner we can find out if we'll struggle and the more effective any help offered is likely to be. (I'm mid twenties just now, he's in his thirties) I went to my GP to talk to them about it and he told me to wait until he had written to the hospital and had a response about how they might want to manage it, given my history. He told me to keep phoning the surgery to find out if they had been sent a response by the hospital.

Has anyone been in this situation and a) got any advice/experience they'd like to share, and b) know how long I should expect to wait for the hospital to respond to the GP's letter? I know it depends how busy they are but I don't know if I should be phoning them after two weeks or two months...I don't want to waste the receptionists time or mine phoning too much?! (I need them on my side because I'm forever getting UTIs )

Sorry for the ramble, any advice much appreciated!

BLM18 Fri 01-Dec-17 18:01:03

Hi. I have endo and have been trying nearly a year. My dr said she would do a fertility referral I just need to do load of blood tests first and my dp semen test. Drs are not likely to be interested until you’ve been ttc for a year sadly.

TinySnowBuddy Fri 01-Dec-17 19:59:38

Thanks for your response BLM, sorry it's not happening for you yet. Yes, the GP told me that after a year we would move very quickly to IVF. The trouble is he wants to wait for their advice before giving me the green light to start ttc at all (he said they might say it's fine or they might say to keep the coil for six months first or they might have a different plan). It's so frustrating!

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