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Post cerelle cycle. Anyone else hate the waiting?

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CRZ1988 Fri 01-Dec-17 10:27:49

Dear ladies, not really sure what I want from this post, maybe just a bit of a rant I'm afraid.

After 9 days post cerelle I did a test this morning to try and see if all the nausea, tiredness and back and tummy twinges were a sign of wonderful things to come. Negative.

DH bought me a prosecco advent calendar (in his defense I did ask for it, quite a few months ago) we both laughed when I opened it last night.

I woke up to some heavy brown discharge (still cant get myself to feeling comfortable using these words that are grimaced at in every day life but completely normal here!) so guess that AF is on its way but I just hate the waiting.

13 years I've been on BC and so my system is probably a little fuzzy rn but the waiting for it the time to come around is so frustrating. We cant really DTD right now because well, its pretty gross down there.... so I guess its just a waiting game. I've invested in a fitbit so I can monitor my rhr but when I spoke to my nurse friend yesterday she said my rhr of 51-54 is pretty low.... maybe its because I'm super fit...^scoffs another biscuit^

I know they say 28 days for your first withdrawal bleed and then any time from then to 40 days for your next bleed but come on mother nature, help me out....

Papillion86 Fri 01-Dec-17 22:45:59

Try not to panic and worry about it. I came off cerelle end of March and it took about 30 days for my withdrawal bleed. It took a couple of months for my cycle to sort itself out but fell pregnant beginning of August 😀 now 21 weeks!

It will happen and I know how frustrating it is waiting. My only bit of advice try not to drive yourself mad thinking about it and second guessing symptoms. I'm not one to talk as I've probably done 100 tests since coming off the pill. Good luck!!

Newmrs22 Sat 02-Dec-17 09:05:59

So I had a withdrawal bleed a week or so after coming off cerelle then nothing. Until something like cd50 when I got a bfp. I think my body had forgotten what to do then randomly chucked an egg out. So it can happen quickly. I'd just keep DTD every couple of days just in case.

TheGrumpySquirrel Sat 02-Dec-17 11:43:42

I came off cerelle end of December 2016 after 10yrs and got pregnant after 2 periods, so third cycle trying. First cycle was 35 days and I had all the bloating and weird gunk as body adjusted off the hormones. Unfortunately the pregnancy didn't work out but I'd say 3 cycles post pill is pretty fast! Good luck op, I've had to learn patience as still TTC now, coming up for 1 yr.

LifeOfRiley63 Sat 02-Dec-17 21:12:35

I feel your pain sister! ☝️

I came off Cerelle on 20th October which is just over 6 weeks ago. I have not had a withdrawl bleed yet or a period and its driving me bonkers!!
In my first 2 weeks I convinced myself I was pregnant, I had every symptom going, but after some reading up on it thats normal.
I've had really sensitive nipples (sorry) and mega achey boobs for the last week but nothing.
I've done loads of ovulation and pregnancy tests and all negative.
I'm tracking through Ovia app but its not accurate because I never had periods on Cerelle.
Rant over.

CRZ1988 Mon 04-Dec-17 17:01:36

Hey ladies so I think AF has arrived. I started with some dark brown thick gunky stuff on Sunday (sorry TMI) which started to get brighter and then turned into red blood this morning. It's been pretty heavy this morning but has really lightened up this afternoon.

Part of me is hoping it might be implantation (I'd at the very most be 12 dpo at the least 9dpo). I did 2 tests over the weekend which were BFNs.

I've bought some more tests so will do another on the weekend just in case but otherwise have classed yesterday as CD1.

I've had some very light spotting last weekend but have read that it could be aggravation to the cervix during sex. Also read that sometimes you don't get a withdrawal bleed from cerelle. I'd be v lucky if I've actually managed to be sorted out in the first cycle..... More than likely not though..... I'm pretty fed up of the emotions and the nausea now though....

Oysterbabe Tue 05-Dec-17 07:48:43

Just to warn you, you'll more than likely get loads of pregnancylike symptoms while your body settles down post pill so don't read too much into anything. I had a lot of dizziness and nausea for a good few months. Try and calm down and be patient, this could take a while and that's normal.
Good luck!

CRZ1988 Tue 05-Dec-17 15:59:37

@oysterbaby I know you're right, every cell of my stupid impatient body knows you're right. I'm still going to do a test on the weekend just in case. Bleeding is much lighter today which is encouraging.

I'll just take it easy, use my apps and tell hubby its his lucky day....fgrin

CRZ1988 Tue 05-Dec-17 15:59:58

Babe not baby*!

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