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Early symptoms

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rabbitsdontlayeggs Thu 30-Nov-17 20:49:25

Since I had DD I've never once had period pain. I get really mild ovulation cramping mid-month (which tallies with what the tracking app that I use to note my periods says is ovulation time) but nothing else.

I can't judge pre-DD (she's 20 months) because I was on the pill up until 12 weeks before conception and only had one period during that time before I fell pregnant. I also have PCOS however since DD was 12 weeks I've had a period every single month - I never used to before unless it was a pill induced one. Not been back on the pill since pre-DD.

DH and I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago. If I was pregnant we'd be happy but we haven't been actively trying, just got carried away in the moment. My period is due in roughly 2 days (my cycle varies between 28 and 33 days). All day today I've had mild pain that I'd describe as period pain. Not enough to warrant painkillers but enough to be noticeable. I'm also exhausted.

The only symptom I had with DD was tiredness, I never got sick at all. Is really mild period pain style cramping usual if you've conceived? I haven't tested because it's so early - I didn't get a positive with DD until I was 4 weeks and I tested regularly with her as we were actively trying.


BandhaAid Fri 01-Dec-17 09:26:00

Many women, including myself, have AF style cramping after conceiving so it can be a sign but, of course, it may be nothing. You could try testing?

rabbitsdontlayeggs Fri 01-Dec-17 09:40:52

Thanks for your reply. It's gone now! I just wondered if others had had period pain feelings only for it to be a baby.

I will try testing but it's far too early yet, my period isn't due until tomorrow. Time will tell I guess!

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