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Lloyds early tests

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Almostthere15 Thu 30-Nov-17 20:11:20

I'm hoping for some reassurance here i think. Over the summer/autumn I've had 2 chemical pregnancies which were heart breaking as from the moment you poas there's an imagined future. The first showed with an early spotting and the positive line was getting fainter. Because I found that really hard I'd stopped early testing.

However, 13dpo and I caved and used a Lloyds test this morning which took about 4 mins to show a faint line. I know it could still become a chemical but now I'm reading so much about how they are unreliable and the line was slightly off centre. I didn't take a photo and made myself throw it away because I've obsessively pored over them in the past.

I know the rational thing is just to wait, and do one tomorrow (I've got frer) but I'm so desperate. If I've held urine for 4 hours is it worth trying a frer or is it still too early for anything other than fmu?

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