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New job, how long to wait to TTC?

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ApplesTheHare Thu 30-Nov-17 19:08:21

I'm very lucky to have 1 dd already. DH and I started TTC no.2 in July and fell almost immediately. Unfortunately the pregnancy ended in MMC over a month ago and I'm still getting BFPs from it now. I've also just got a new job this week and am wondering how long you have to leave it to start TTC to qualify for SMP? I can't wrap my head round the 26/15/25 weeks rule actually means in terms of how many weeks you have to wait after starting a new role...confused

Lifeofpies Thu 30-Nov-17 19:27:24

So sorry about your MMC, Apples. Getting pregnant anytime after your first week at work will qualify you for SMP (26 weeks in the job @ 15 weeks before your due date = 41 weeks total). You must also be earning over 113 per week.

ApplesTheHare Thu 30-Nov-17 19:34:39

Thanks very much lifeofpies I thought that's what the rule meant but wasn't sure. I wish they'd just say 'you need to be in a job for a week before falling pregnant to qualify' but I suppose businesses probably don't like that wording as they think it encourages people to sign up for the mat leave.

I was thinking of waiting a couple of months anyway as I haven't just started there for the mat leave and want to be respectful so that should be ok. After getting a bfp immediately last time I'm also convinced it'll take ages next time if at all!

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