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Praying for no period!

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Plumsmith Tue 28-Nov-17 19:34:21


My DH and I are ttc our first child and I am going crazy praying my period doesn’t come!

Plumsmith Tue 28-Nov-17 19:36:30

blushArghh sorry I’m new to this and somehow posted before finishing!!

Anyway, how do you deal with waiting!? I’m due within the next day or so and have had cramps, but two days ago also had spiting which ended after a day and a bit! Hoping it was implantation bleeding!!! smile

Any help would be fab!!

peterpanwendy Tue 28-Nov-17 20:34:24

Hi @Plumsmith I am waiting on a BFP also, 2nd month of TTC was so gutted last month but being less stressy this month! I also had spotting around 7dpo first time in my life to praying that's implantation! You can join our December Bus thread if you like to chat to others TTC And lots of us in the tww. It's agonising isn't it!

Plumsmith Tue 28-Nov-17 20:49:45

Do you have a link to the thread? This is our first month of ttc properly, but the anticipation is too much already!!

peterpanwendy Tue 28-Nov-17 22:04:33

This might work December Bus - Christmas Wishes

smile good luck! This will be my first baby too whenever I manage to conceive. Wish each cycle was quicker I am so impatient!

Pinkslink17 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:25:01

@Plumsmith I'm in the exact same boat! Due af between tomorrow and Saturday I think, first cycle and I now feel so uneducated and prepared after reading through some of these threads! I just used an app to work out ovulation (standard 14 days) and nothing else, but I'm now thinking that I may have missed my chance and ovulated later..we didn't dtd after anticipated ovulation date! Have tested a couple of times already, all BFNs. No spotting but a lot of cramping, heartburn, fatigue etc. Think it may be in my head.

Let me know how you get on! And if you find anyway to take your mind of it let me know as I'm now worse than ever after downloading this app! Checked it about 5 times at work!

Plumsmith Thu 30-Nov-17 15:23:58

I did a test this morning, 3days over due AF and BFN sad started bleeding this afternoon, think it’s bleeding rather than spotting sad feeling very down in the dumps now, but a bit happier now AF has started because I’m not waiting anymore!

One of our close friends had a baby this morning too which I’m very happy for but also a bit green with envy!!

peterpanwendy Thu 30-Nov-17 18:01:04

@Plumsmith I'm feeling sad at the prospect of being out too sad onward and upwards! My bff had a baby a week ago I am so jealous and see pregnant people everywhere.. why can't it be me!?

SLR1906 Thu 30-Nov-17 18:03:35

My sister in law had a baby in sept and my partners best friend are all having babies, and i love my new niece very much but it does make me ache with desperation. Suddenly every woman you see in the street has a bump. Green with envy most definitely!

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