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Going insane!! BFP/Miscarriage

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Albuspotterdumbledore Fri 24-Nov-17 15:12:55

I had a BFP on 14/11 and posted it on here for clarity (pic 1)

I started to bleed that weekend, it was heavy and I had cramps so naturally assumed it was a chemical pregnancy but I was still having BFP (pic 2)

Bleeding stopped on Tuesday. Obviously now is Friday and I have just had my strongest BFP to date. (Pic 3)

I have been to the doctor who told me bleeding means miscarriage and to just accept it basically.

But should my tests be getting stronger? I know I’m probably torturing myself but I read that you shouldn’t TTC again until you had a negative test?!

Anyone been in the same situation or can provide insight? Thanks in advance!!

Emz01 Fri 24-Nov-17 15:21:40

Hi OP!
That last pregnancy test definitely is getting stronger! Sounds like you spoke to a very uninterested doctor, I would definitely go back and try and see a different GP if there is one. They should be offering to do a blood test to check your HCG levels or refer you to an EPU. My sister in law experienced heavy bleeding and it turned out she was still pregnant he is now a happy and healthy 2 year old. Good luck!

BertieBotts Fri 24-Nov-17 15:24:54

Yes I think you need to ask to be referred either for an early scan or blood tests 48h apart.

Say you're worried about ectopic pregnancy if you like but you do need to know what's going on. It could be an infection, molar pregnancy or anything.

Albuspotterdumbledore Fri 24-Nov-17 15:39:53

Thank you!!

I have spoken to the midwife department who told me to just hang around and wait until the 15th December, when I have an appointment. But it seems so far away and I don’t think I should have to wait nearly 3 weeks for answers. I will go bloody insane!

russiandwarf Fri 24-Nov-17 15:45:09

I got pregnant in July and had what I thought was AF for a whole week. I didn't find out I was pregnant until quite a while later as I had been totally fooled by this. Unfortunately I had a MMC but I doubt that had anything to do with the bleeding as baby made it to 8 weeks. My point being that if you are still having BFP I wouldn't say for certain it is a miscarriage. How frustrating having to wait until 15th Dec! Fingers crossed for you x

Albuspotterdumbledore Fri 24-Nov-17 16:20:32

Thanks Russian to be honest I’m not getting my hopes up at all. I just want to know what’s going on with my body. I’m very much a ‘it is what it is’ kind of person but at the moment I don’t know what it is and I hate it confused if that makes sense!

russiandwarf Fri 24-Nov-17 16:41:29

I know what you mean, I am the same and I hate waiting around wondering, I'd rather just know either way!

Albuspotterdumbledore Fri 24-Nov-17 20:51:08

Ok so I have just done a digital which says 1-2 weeks pregnant. The one I did before AF said not pregnant. But all other tests showed positive. I know no one here has answers but I’m just so frustrated!!

I just don’t understand why my BFP’s are darker and clear blue digital is picking it up now but wasn’t before hmm

Emz01 Fri 24-Nov-17 21:20:03

Digital pregnancy tests need a much higher level of HCG before they show a positive compared with standard tests. This might explain why you didn’t get a positive before. You can always try and push them a little harder even if it’s with the GP for a blood test as the 15th is still a frustrating amount of time to wait. Really hope everything works out for you OP!

Gumbubble Fri 24-Nov-17 21:25:16

Could you go to the early pregnancy unit at your local hospital? That's where I was told to go when I had my first miscarriage (was 8 years ago so may have changed). The gp didnt need to refer me, but may be different at each hospital. They scanned me and did a repeat scan a week later. With my second miscarriage I just had bloods done a few days apart as was a bit earlier.

FellOutOfBed2wice Fri 24-Nov-17 21:30:19

You need to hold out for a scan I suspect. I had a BFP on 22nd December a couple of years ago but then what seemed like a very definite period the next week and it lasted the usual duration of a normal period so I assumed chemical pregnancy. But then I was still getting positives including on a digital w/c 10th January so ended up in the EPU. They found a heartbeat at just 6 weeks and that’s now my DD2 who’s 15 months. Like you say, I always assumed blood meant miscarriage but it wasn’t in my case.

Albuspotterdumbledore Fri 24-Nov-17 21:50:58

Thank you so much. I’m trying desperately to remain neutral on the situation as I was truly heartbroken over the weekend. After 11 months of TTC with nothing it felt like a cruel twist of fate to give us a BFP and almost immediately take it away.

It’s nice to hear some success stories felloutofbed I guess it really is just a wait and see game.

When I phoned the midwife Gum she told me there was no point going to the hospital as they would just send me away as it’s too early. So I’m stuck in a never ending wait and see.

I’m going to try and hold off testing for a week and see what happens. I predict I will last until Sunday blush

Polly99 Sat 25-Nov-17 18:09:31

I think I posted on your other thread.
Some years ago I had a BFN, (late) period and then BFP. My GP told me I had miscarried too but I insisted on a referral. It was an ectopic.
Bleeding where the pregnancy appears to be ongoing needs checking. It could be nothing (my mother had ‘periods’ until she was 5 months along) but it may indicate something serious.
The midwife you spoke to was ill- informed. A competent sonographer or doctor should be able to at least confirm the location of your pregnancy. My DD2 was seen in a scan at 4+2. It’s too early to confirm HB etc, but location is more important. The problem may be that you spoke to a MW and they are not experts in early pregnancy problems. Can you contact an EPAU or self-refer there? If need be, say you are in pain.
Sorry, I know I sound a bit ranty, but these refusals to scan in cases such as yours really piss me off. I could have had a very different story if I hadn’t had a scan.

BertieBotts Sun 26-Nov-17 00:34:54

When was your last period? Three weeks, I know, does seem like an age at that point of pregnancy but they may have a point re visibility on scan etc.

I think if you've had bleeding, cramping and ongoing positive tests then you do probably need a location scan. But I think it might need to be 5+ weeks.

itshappening Sun 26-Nov-17 02:26:16

It does sound odd because I had an early miscarriage and once the bleeding had started the tests quickly turned weaker then negative.
Later on it might take longer for the hormone level to readjust giving false positives, but I didn't think it usually would as early as you are. I don't want to give false hope as I don't really know what it means. Sorry you are dealing with this stress and hope you can get some answers soon.

MrsDoyleFallingOutTheWindow Sun 26-Nov-17 02:38:41

Are you six weeks yet? If so, can you go to your nearest EPU? I did this after bleeding following two miscarriages. I didn't go through a GP - I literally walked in off the street after I went to the loo and saw blood. They found a heartbeat at six weeks and scanned me every week thereafter as I continued to bleed. I have no idea if you can still do this but might be worth a call? It's different to the scan the midwife does as it's done vaginally (I know ... the glamour!) My threatened miscarriage is now a big smelly teenager. Good luck!

Albuspotterdumbledore Sun 26-Nov-17 09:17:01

My last period (other than this bleed I have just had) was the 15th October so I'm nowhere near 6 weeks.

Thanks for all the advice I'm going to have another go at booking an appointment with my GP and be a bit more forceful I think. Last time I was so upset by the bleeding I just agreed it was probably a chemical/early miscarriage and then cried all the way home.

I will probably test again when I get home to see if there is any changes then phone the GP in the morning. And ask for a different doctor.

Thanks for all the advice and well wishes. It's nice to have some support. X

itshappening Sun 26-Nov-17 09:57:32

The six weeks is counted from the day your last period began so if it began on the 15th then isn't that today?

kirinm Sun 26-Nov-17 10:16:16

Like others have said, I had what was very definitely a period and immediate afterwards started getting positives. It was an ectopic. Your doctor ought to have been aware of the risk of ectopic. I'd push to be referred to your EPU. Even if it's too early to scan, they can do regular blood tests and make sure your hcg levels are rising properly (they often don't with ectopics or pregnancies of unknown location). I wouldn't just leave it.

Albuspotterdumbledore Sun 26-Nov-17 10:32:44

Is it from you last period and not ovulation date?

Ok so as soon as I head home I'm going to convince DH to come to the EPU with me just to try and get some answers. Let's see if they send me away.

MrsDoyleFallingOutTheWindow Sun 26-Nov-17 10:42:39

Yes sorry should have said - you start counting from the start of your last period. I hope you get seen at the EPU.

MrsWineasaurus Sun 26-Nov-17 11:00:52

I'd go to the early pregnancy unit. I couldn't wait 3 weeks either!

Let us know how you get on xxx

itshappening Sun 26-Nov-17 11:06:40

Not sure if all EPUs are open on Sunday but if concerned re ectopic I think it is reasonable to go to the hospital anyway. Wishing you the best of luck OP

Polly99 Sun 26-Nov-17 13:03:49

You do not need to be six weeks for a scan.
After 6 weeks you are likely to see a heartbeat, so the hospitals don’t like to scan until then in cases of suspected miscarriage.
Where it is the location that needs checking they can scan much earlier - I usually get seen less than a week after my missed period.
It’s important to diagnose ectopics (or, better still, rule them out!) as early as possible as then it gives treatment options and reduces the risk of a medical emergency arising.
Best of luck OP. I hope everything is fine.

BertieBotts Sun 26-Nov-17 13:32:39

I have seen things on scans at 5 weeks but not usually before for me. And yes weeks is counted from your last period, not ovulation.

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