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Best app for tracking

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Dolwar Thu 16-Nov-17 00:54:45

So what's the best one? Ovia? Clue? What do people think?

DiscoDeviant Thu 16-Nov-17 01:11:12

I've just signed up for natural cycles. I've been using Ovia up to now, natural cycles is medically approved apparently as an effective method of birth control (I'm not trying to get pregnant) I signed up for a year, think it was £27 for the year with a discount code and they send you a super sensitive thermometer. It's for both. those trying to get pregnant and those like me, who aren't. I read up a lot on it.

MouseLove Thu 16-Nov-17 07:34:01

Fertility friend is the only one recognised by drs. So that’s what I use. It’s VERY powerful and accurate despite it looking basic.

Dolwar Thu 16-Nov-17 08:02:00

I'll take a look. Can't afford to go paying for one.

BiscuitBecs Thu 16-Nov-17 09:42:43

Definately fertility friend!! It’s not the best looking but by far the most accurate if used correctly (ie accurate temping and cm observations along with opks if you want to although they’re not necessary). I’ve tried a few other apps alongside FF (yep I know I’m a bit crazy) and found that they are no where near as good.

Lillybilly20 Fri 17-Nov-17 19:14:47

Kindera is good 🌸

VicksterR Sun 03-Dec-17 22:09:59

I have a link that gives 30% off and a free thermometer with Natural Cycles if you are thinking about using it. Click link

surreygirl1987 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:16:44

I've tried glow, ovia and fertility friend. I would DEFINITELY recommend fertility friend of the three, and it's the only one I'm using now. You can get a lot for the free version and it is very clever and scarily accurate! I was so sure it had my period date wrong this month but nope... FF was bang on!

HoldTightPretendItsAPlan Mon 04-Dec-17 09:12:41

I have long irregular cycles and I find Natural Cycles and Ovia are the only two that ever get anything like close to predicting my ovulation.

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