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Bulky ovaries - what does it mean ?

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wheelybug Mon 16-Apr-07 21:40:09

Had an u/s today to check for PCOS. The sonographer said there was no evidence of PCOS but that my ovaries are 'bulky' which could be to do with where I am in my cycle and/or hormonal.

Does anyone know what 'bulky' means ? Shoul have asked but was so pleased it was over and now I have been sitting here mulling it all over.

wheelybug Mon 16-Apr-07 21:56:17


Chocolatedays Mon 16-Apr-07 22:49:54

Can't imagine "bulky" was a term the sonographer learnt at sonography school ... and think she/he may have been behind the bike sheds rather in the class advising to be careful what you say to patients as they will hang on your every word and freak them out.

Try not to worry (easily said I know) - ovaries look fuller if you are coming up to ovulation or have just ovulated.... when do you have a follow up with the GP / consultant?

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 17-Apr-07 07:27:27

Polycystic ovaries appear larger than normal (walnut) size so this could be a possible explanation.

I would also ask when your next appointment is with the cons/subfertility unit. You ought to be seen on a regular basis.

wheelybug Tue 17-Apr-07 09:33:15

Thanks chocolatedays and attila.

I agree chocolatedays - tbh I came out of the scan not thinking too much about it and she seemed to be saying that the blood tests I'm having could show it was due to a hormonal problem. However, having sat around and thought about it one starts to think about it !!

Attila - she said it wasn't PCOS but could be something which is similar (but that the blood tests would show this). I'm not seen by a subfertility clinic - I have only been to GP as its still relatively early days in my lack of conception but because I seem to have some other hormonal issues the GP said she'd do preliminary tests.

Am not seeing GP until after 21 days blood tests are back (which I will have on 1 May). THe sonographer knew this so am assuming if it was some dreadful disease she would have urged me to go back sooner ().

Thanks again !

Sweetandhoney51 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:03:18

Wondering what is a bulky ovary. My consultant said i have a bulky left ovary, measuring 28.3mm, no adnexal masses or free fluid seen. Please i need more explanation. Just got the letter today

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