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amberdixie Tue 14-Nov-17 17:07:30


Just wanted to share my experience in case it was of any help to anyone.

At my first smear test the nurse mentioned I had a tilted cervix (I think that was her terminology) and that it wouldn’t have any impact but might take longer for me to get pregnant.

Didn’t think any more of it and roll on a couple of years later when we decided starting to TTC. Being a bit intense blush I decided to pretty much first go use preseed and one of those cups to give us our best shot - and I fell pregnant straight away. Hurrah!

Since having my son and starting my periods again nearly a year later (BF) we have been casually trying to see what happens. Despite timings being spot on, I haven’t fallen pregnant and I am now thinking that it might be because of the passing comment the nurse made about my cervix and me using preseed first time round; so this month I decided to order some and see what happens! (I understand that it might be totally unrelated but wanted to share my experience anyway)

Just wanted to say to anyone who might not be falling pregnant despite everything being ok; give the preseed and the cup a go - you never know!


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