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Period or implantation after miscarriage, stuck in limbo!

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webster144 Mon 13-Nov-17 14:04:02


I had a natural miscarriage at 6 weeks on the 13th Oct, bled for about a week which eventually tapered off and hospital confirmed in last week of Oct that hormones had fully left, my reading on the 23rd were 19, then 0 a week later on the 30th.

Since bleeding stopped around 20th we’ve been TTC again, every few days and around a few days when I had extremely snot like discharge (sorry TMI!) which I reckoned was me ovulating maybe?

Before my miscarriage and pregnancy my periods were like clock work, so I assumed my period would come around the 10th Nov or around a week after give or take, which I understand is a bit wishful thinking as I know it can take a long time for periods to regulate back to normal after a miscarriage...but still no show of AF.
I took some pregnancy tests last week, strangely three came out with very very faint positives but my OH says I was imagining them and I felt a bit silly

The last time I tested was on the 8th which I thought would be a few days before my period would maybe come, and again got an extremely faint positive line to the point I was reaaaaally having to squint Then tried on CB digital and got ‘not pregnant’ twice, so I’m super confused as I got a BFP on the CB digital 3 days before my period when I fell pregnant before the miscarriage.

Anyway, fast forward 5 days and I’ve got some slight cramping and lower backache, feeling a little sick and off food, extremely tired and a bit dizzy...I go to the toilet yesterday and wipe and it’s a little pink. No pink discharge or anything in pee, only when I wipe.

What are the chances this could be implantation bleeding, or could this be the beginning of my period?

I’m getting soooo impatient and would rather if it was my period, if it could just hurry up and return so I can at least look forward to trying again and moving on, but I literally have nothing to go by, I’m in complete limbo!! Of course I would prefer if by some miracle I was pregnant again but I’m completely 50\50 right now.

A day later and I’m still getting some slight cramps, no more spotting though when wiping but still feeling all symptoms above!

Anyone had a miscarriage and had this after and it turned out to be a new pregnancy, or just their period?

I don’t have the aching boobs that was a dead give away when I last found out I was pregnant, but I do feel my boobs look slightly different and my nipples seem different and feel more sensitive.

Any advice or experiences of first period or pregnancy after miscarriage would be much appreciated, apologies for the long story blushxxx

TerrifyingFeistyCupcake Mon 13-Nov-17 20:21:40

Have you taken a test since 5 days ago? If you were getting faint positives then they should be fairly clear by now.

Hormonal regulation after miscarriage can give you a whole host of "pregnancy" symptoms though, and most people don't ovulate until about two weeks after HCG hits zero - your cycle restarts itself from that point.

Nikki2ol6 Mon 13-Nov-17 20:48:17

Hello I’m kind of in a similar situation. I had two chemicals two months in a row!!! This was my 3rd month ttc and got a super faint positive at 8-9dpo. On day 12 I began spotting pink when I wiped and freaked out thinking another chemical. I don’t know what it was but it happened on its own like it wasn’t after sex or anything and it hasn’t happened again and now my lines are very dark. Have you tested again since 5days ago? My Cb was also not pregnant but faint lines on first response and I think Cb have a much lower sensitive than first response

webster144 Tue 14-Nov-17 10:46:41

Turned out it was my period, AF arrived this morning sad so so gutted! Thanks for the messages anyway flowers

Always next month to try again....x

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