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TTC 11 dpo weird symptoms...trying not to overthink!

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circleofsequoia Mon 13-Nov-17 12:35:39

Hello everyone smile
I am 39 and have been ttc for over two years, I have two children spaced ten years apart as Ive had problems conceiving, I now feel like I have barely any chance as I only have one fallopian tube after an ectopic four years ago. I feel like maybe I'm too old, and broken (!) and wont conceive, but this cycle Ive been having crazy symptoms. Nausea for the past 11 days, since about a day after ovulation. Peeing all the damn time - ok sorry if tmi but its super warm too. Sorry! Not burning like a uti, but actually warm. Hot even. Back ache, spots and along with the nausea I've had tingling boobs since 2dpo. Every day weird tingling. Its driving me crazy. Ive also been having incredibly vivid dreams, which are unusual for me - I never recall dreams. I also keep waking myself up laughing in my sleep. Bizarre.
Im thinking its nothing and expecting af in 4 days. I never had any symptoms like this with my two previous pregnancies, and Im so sick of getting down after BFN tests the past two years that Ive given up being hopeful. you have experience of similar early pregnancy signs? Or have you had PMS signs like this before? OR (shudder) could it be early menopause signs?


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