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No indication of ovulation

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snowfee Mon 13-Nov-17 06:31:02

TTC#1 for 11 months and no joy so went to the doctor and had day 21 blood test which found no indication of ovulation (all other tests they do at the same time came back normal). Got a 2nd 21 day blood test in a couple of weeks, does anyone know what happens if that comes back the same? Is that me out of the running for good for children? Feeling like a failure so just trying to get an idea of what might come next.

physicskate Mon 13-Nov-17 06:56:41

How long are your cycles generally? Are they regular? Day 21 is actually meant to be 7 days before af due - so with a regular 28 day cycle it would be cd 21.

If you don’t ovulate the can pop you on clomid which is very successful for many women in helping them ovulate. Think of it this way: if they find the problem, they can try to fix it.

I’m in the same boat but ttc 20 months... 2nd clomid cycle.

snowfee Mon 13-Nov-17 07:58:33

My cycles are around 29 days but last month it was only 26. Doc said she wanted the blood test on CD21, didn’t mention it needing to be 7 days before af was due.
Thanks for letting me know what the next steps might be.

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