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Ovulating on day 23 of 32 day cycle

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sazzle3 Sun 12-Nov-17 19:07:25

WHATS THE ODDS OF FALLING PREGNANT after ovulating on day 23 of a 32 day cycle.

So tonight I got my positive opk , I took one around dinner time and thought it was positive until I took this one. I'm on cycle day 23 of a 32 day cycle. I've never ovulated this late into my cycle. So I'm guessing my period will be a good 3/4 days late is that right ??. I normally ovulate around day 20.
We dtd on 7/8/10/12 nov and will also again tomorrow morning I really hope this month is the month I get my BFP xx

Pic of tonights OPK

sazzle3 Sun 12-Nov-17 19:22:45

This pic is of opk I took at dinner time which I thought was positive until I took tonights lol x

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