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Post pill amenorrhea

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Khc17 Sun 12-Nov-17 17:19:13

I was wondering if any other women have had any similar problems coming off the pill and TTC. I started on cerazette Nov 2016 and came off early march 2017. I have always had regular periods.

Since coming off the pill i had a withdrawal bleed in April and a very short 2 day bleed in May and nothing since.

I have had all bloods done numerous times which are normal, I have had the progesterone test with Provera, which induced a bleed, but again nothing since (Aug 2017)

I have also had an USS scan which ruled out PCOS

I am 23 years old, very healthy weight, eat healthy most of the time and occasionally go to the gym. I dont overexercise or limit my diet, so I have also ruled out hypothalamic amennorhea, however I am a nurse who works rotations of nights and I do wonder whether this could be causing stress due to my body being confused.

I have an appointment at the end of November with gynae, hoping to get some answers.

If anyone has been in a similar situation and could give some advice it would be appreciated smile 8 months on and I'm so fed up

physicskate Sun 12-Nov-17 18:46:55

Yes! @footy1 has had this!! It’s been a nightmare for her... not sure if she’s still about much (hence the tag).

She did cycles of clomid and pro era for about a year, but this was quite awhile ago now. Not sure if it ever quite resolved and it’s been a few months since I’ve heard from her.

Footy1 Sun 12-Nov-17 20:51:53

Hello thanks physicskate, sorry I've left our thread. You know what I'm going to say.. things not great at home.🙄 Anyway Khc17,yes as Was said I have had a nightmare with Periods since contraceptive pill. I seem to only have a period every few months. Clomid and prov helped but not every cycle so now I'm back to square one. Hadn't had one since June and I came on yesterday!! So annoying.
They can't get to the bottom if it. Scans all fine, bloods ok, weight is normal I'm a size 10. I didn't do anything different this month except I've actually had a lot of stress and interestingly it brought it on!!? Weird huh?
Think my gp wants to try norethisterone every cycle and hopefully it will kick it into a regular thing?? Trying Angus castus also. Let me know if you get anything else to try as I'm up for suggestions too! Hope it sorts itself out.

physicskate Sun 12-Nov-17 21:24:22

Oh foot - I’m so sorry you’re still having such a rough time of things. Both with periods and at home!! I wish I could do something to help!!!

Khc17 Sun 12-Nov-17 22:47:28

It's a nightmare isn't it, it's nice to know other women are in the same boat, I just can't understand why it's happening. Did you have regular periods before the pill @Footy1

BowlingShoes Sun 12-Nov-17 22:53:11

I had this. Came off the pill at the beginning of January and my periods didn't return at all. I eventually got a period at the end of May and was fortunate enough to conceive the next cycle. I don't know if it was just coincidence, but my periods returned about 3-4 weeks after I started taking Agnus Casts (from Holland and Barrett) which I had read was good for regulating your cycle after coming off the pill.

BowlingShoes Sun 12-Nov-17 22:53:54

I had regular periods before going on the pill, although a longish cycle (35 days).

Footy1 Tue 14-Nov-17 17:44:18

Yes had regular periods before pill and on pill. Not sure what else to suggest as I'm still struggling to be regular x

Dolwar Thu 16-Nov-17 00:52:44

Fwiw on the Holland and Barrett site it says not to take agnus castus if trying to conceive or if pregnant. So I decided against taking it.

MoreSleepPlease6 Thu 16-Nov-17 05:44:09

I think this is quite common with cerazette. I went on it after having DS as I was BF and couldn't go back on my combined pill... after reading all the reviews on it I swiftly came back off it again.
Hope they come back soon! flowers

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