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Ultrasound findings, really confused!

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Emilyxeliza Sun 12-Nov-17 12:46:05


I went for an ultrasound as I have been having pains in my lower abdomen. I'm already aware that I have endometriosis and this has been treated in the past.

I was given Clomid and Femara recently. I didn't respond to Clomid, and I'm having my day 21 (or in my case day 27) bloods for progesterone levels soon.

Anyway - on the ultrasound yesterday, I asked if she could see any follicles seeing as I was on CD 17 and usually ovulate day 20/21. She said she saw a 9mm on my left ovary, and a 9mm on my right. No dominant follicles, yet my womb lining thickness was suggesting it was fully prepared for ovulation any second.. her words were 'things look out of kilter...'. There was no physical signs of any issues with my womb or ovaries during the scan...

What does this mean?! Does this mean there is a problem? Surely I should have larger follicles at day 17, or more so, a dominant one!!

Any advice before my appointment with my Fertility Specialist next week? Anything I can ask?

Dolwar Sun 12-Nov-17 13:32:59

I would wait and see what the specialist says rather than asking on here. It sounds pretty specialised. Just ask what it showed what that means and where you go from there

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