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Cervix question

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BLM18 Sun 12-Nov-17 09:09:49

Hi. I am in the ttw, around 7dpo. This morning I have noticed something different than I’ve ever had. My cervix opening is completely shut and I can’t even feel
The slit. It’s smooth all over. I can normally always feel at least the slit . Anyone ever heard of this to be a sign of pregnancy?

BLM18 Sun 12-Nov-17 10:23:55


DinoMania Sun 12-Nov-17 14:41:38


Might be, cervix does rise up, become tightly closed when pregnant.

Might offer more advice xx

Bubblegum89 Sun 12-Nov-17 15:27:32

It’s not a sign of pregnancy until you are a good few weeks into being pregnant. Your cervix moves around all day every day. I more often than not have a very high closed cervix the day before my period arrives. Unfortunately the only thing you can tell with cervical positioning is whether you are fertile enough. I wouldn’t bother checking it other than during your fw as you will only get your hopes up/confuse yourself!

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