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Faint positive?!

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GeekGirl751 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:25:32

A couple of people have said they can definitely see 2 lines; just wanted to know if anyone else can?

KathyBates Sat 11-Nov-17 11:28:04

I see it :0)

mamahanji Sat 11-Nov-17 11:29:58

Definitely see it

JaimesGoldenHand Sat 11-Nov-17 11:33:32


therealreason Sat 11-Nov-17 11:48:56

I can see it too smile

BexleyRae Sat 11-Nov-17 11:51:25

Definitely positive, congratulations

Daffodil77 Sat 11-Nov-17 12:39:26

I saw it without even clicking on it to enlarge. Congratulations!

sazzle3 Sat 11-Nov-17 12:43:14

I see it xx

GeekGirl751 Sat 11-Nov-17 12:47:35

Thank you everyone smile gonna retest in a couple of days just to be sure

GeekGirl751 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:25:08

Just an update for everyone.....

WrittenandGrown Mon 13-Nov-17 07:26:49


GeekGirl751 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:32:10

Thank you smile

BexleyRae Mon 13-Nov-17 09:24:19

I love these threads, congratulations x

GeekGirl751 Mon 13-Nov-17 09:25:49

Thank you!

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