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Presh12345 Sat 11-Nov-17 10:06:43

Does anyone know about bbt? I have been exhausted, absolutely exhausted, and sore boobs which I NEVER have. I showed my temp chart to a friend and she seems to think I'm definitely not pregnant. Have only been temping since 30 Oct and I don't even know if I'm doing it correctly. What if I have a broke nights sleep? What if I have to twist myself round in bed or turn over to get the thermometer? Feeling a bit deflated as definitely thought it was my month. What should I look for on the bbt charts?

NimbleKnitter Sat 11-Nov-17 10:08:27

Can you post a pic here?

Ps bbt charts can’t show definitively whether you’re pregnant or not

NimbleKnitter Sat 11-Nov-17 10:13:08

But to answer your question, you’re looking for a triphasic pattern.

That means you have your post ovulation rise, and then a second (higher) rise about 10 days later

Presh12345 Sat 11-Nov-17 10:18:20

I got a new phone and not sure how to add a pic! Can't see the paperclip I used to have on iPhone!!

Cakelaur Sat 11-Nov-17 10:50:06

Simple rule of thumb if you temps are still up after 18 days you’re preggo. But a lot of people test around 9dpo. Best way to find out is take a test. Good luck.

Presh12345 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:26:41

Can't post the pic but basically had a big dip on 3rd, a big rise on 4th and has been rising since. Some days the same, some down a bit but then up the next day. Hasn't dropped below the temp on the 4th.

NimbleKnitter Sat 11-Nov-17 11:29:20

How many days post ovulation?

Presh12345 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:39:41

Not sure as I don't use opk. If I had the rise on 4th after the dip on 3rd then I thought that was potentially ovulation ?? I'm trying not to get stressed so not paying a lot of attention to things. Mmc in June and nothing since

NimbleKnitter Sat 11-Nov-17 11:54:36

Ah ok, then yes, sounds like you’re just in your ovulation rise at the moment - post ovulation your temp rises for about 7 days.

Keep an eye on it for the next few days

LookingAtTheStars89 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:58:03

How do you temp if you're temperature is always a little higher? Do you use that as a base temp? When do you start doing it? Sorry for all of the questions!

NimbleKnitter Sat 11-Nov-17 12:50:34

It isn’t specific temperatures - it’s a trend you’re looking for. So if you’re always warm, you’re generally warmer post ovulation.

You can start at any time, but you always start a new chart on cd1

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