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Is it time to go to the gp?

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Dolwar Fri 10-Nov-17 23:38:49

I don't want to waste the GP's time or mine.

I came off the combined pill last December after around 13 years on it. Before uh went on the pill my periods were every 28 days like clockwork. Since coming off the bill my cycles have been all over the place and it's starting to get me down. Is this normal? I'd it because I was on the pill for so long?

To give you an idea
Cycle 1 78 days
Cycle 2 65 days
Cycle 3 48 days
Cycle 4 31 days
Cycle 5 28 days (was really happy... back to normal)
Cycle 6 38 days
Cycle 7 day 39 and no sign of AF

I have tried OPKs but with not knowing my cycle length it's very difficult to know when to test.

So should I go to the gp or accept this is just my body sorting itself out and use clear blue digital tests next cycle to get a more accurate answer?

Bubblegum89 Sat 11-Nov-17 00:00:03

Most GP’s won’t help you until you’ve been ttc for 12 months (if you’re under 35) as it can take that long for your body to adjust being off b/c and is a completely normal length of time to be ttc. You could always explain your situation and see if they will make an exception? Can’t hurt to try. I can’t figure out if you’ve been ttc since December or 7 months from your OP

Dolwar Sat 11-Nov-17 00:08:34

Since December... however we had a gap in the middle for 3 months due to personal reasons while we weren't trying trying we weren't preventing either

Dolwar Sat 11-Nov-17 00:09:13

I've only had 7 cycles but if you look at the length of them that's not 7 months

Bubblegum89 Sat 11-Nov-17 00:43:02

I see what you mean. I would speak to your GP anyway. If they don’t know you’re ttc then maybe just mention you’re concerned about your cycle length. They’re more likely to investigate that way, as soon as you mention ttc, drs tend to just dismiss you until you’ve been trying for 12 straight months. They will do an US instead of making you wait for months to be seen at a fertility clinic as well. Good luck!

MyKingdomForBrie Sat 11-Nov-17 00:46:47

I would make an apt definitely, you’ve been trying 12 months at the end of this month (the three months you weren’t preventing which is basically the same) so you might as well get the process started. Sorry this is happening, it must be so frustrating for you.

MouseLove Sat 11-Nov-17 08:11:49

I personally would try temp tracking for a few cycles before you go to your GP if you haven’t already. It will give you some knowledge of your cycle and maybe then you may feel more educated about what to push for. Your gp may turn you away until the new year or may say let’s get the ball rolling and ask you lots of questions. Knowledge is power. Ideally you want to know your luteal phase.

I have put off seeing my gp so I could try to fix some problems myself. My gp will only run tests and then refer me to a fertility clinic where they will run tests and such. Nobody is going to magically fix my problems so I decided to try myself. I have a luteal phase defect so I’ve changed my vitamins, started acupuncture, changed my diet and exercise and so far, this is the second cycle of things starting to change. I’ve been TTC for 15 months now. X

Dolwar Sat 11-Nov-17 12:21:18

Temp tracking will be difficult as I do a lot of night shifts in my job. I dont know when I'd check my temperature on those days but willing to give it a go for certain.

I was thinking of using the more expensive clear blue ovulation tests but I'd have no idea on what day to start testing!!

sunshineandsea Sat 11-Nov-17 13:45:16

I would definitely say to go to your GP. We went at almost a year and were referred for tests, then referral to fertility clinic, then HSG then finally started clomid 8 months after that first appointment. It takes ages to get through the process, especially as lots of the tests have to be timed at a certain point in your cycle (and if you have long cycles it will take even longer!) So I would say get the ball rolling, if you get pregnant in the meantime then that's great but if you don't at least you won't feel like you've wasted all that time, especially if you do find an issue. Our GP was really understanding and didn't make us feel as though we were wasting her time even though it hadn't quite been a year.

JoJoSM2 Sat 11-Nov-17 14:50:04

I think it’s worth seeing your GP about it as you’ve been trying for almost a year now. The cycles do sound dodgy but until you’ve had tests, you won’t know if they’re even the reason for no bfp yet. For example, it could be sth else with you or your partner having dodgy sperms etc.

Dolwar Sun 12-Nov-17 13:31:39

I will phone them tomorrow. Now I've thought about it I can't get the thought that three mite bethan a problem out of my head confused

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