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Advice please

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Seahorsesandunicorns Fri 10-Nov-17 16:27:08

Hi all,
I'm new to MN and also new to TTC so forgive me for not being down with the lingo. I've used this forum for about a month and have just lurked and absorbed info, so thank you as you are all an informative bunch.

I found out I was expecting in August, saw the baby at 9 weeks 1 day with a beautiful heartbeat and then at 13 weeks went to the scan with by DH and DC and tragically baby had passed away at 9+4. That day haunts me and I'm still getting to grips with it all.

I have horrendous HG when I am pregnant and was very poorly in this recent pregnancy. Hospital stays, IV treatment and having to take strong anti sickness which I would rather not. I went down to 7 stone when I had my MMC so I knew that once I had the surgery after MC, I needed to build myself back up again. Awfully my body tricked me until days after the surgery and I was still throwing up as if I had HG.

Fast forward a month and I've put on over a stone, slowly accepting what happened and am looking forward to ttc. I've never had problems with my periods so am hoping they return soon.

In my grief stricken state of just wanting to be pregnant again my DH and I DTD on the 29/10/17. I've just done a cheap test and nothing, left it 20 mins and there's a very faint line. Could this be HCG from the previous pregnancy (given my body is so reactive to HCG), evaporation line or a potential pregnancy line? Any advice would be great.


piglet81 Fri 10-Nov-17 16:44:58

So sorry for your MMC. Had you had a negative test afterwards? I would test again with fmu and in the time window specified on the test - leaving it 20 mins could mean an evap. Hope you get the answer you want flowers

MouseLove Fri 10-Nov-17 16:46:49

What the above said. Sorry for your loss. I had a mmc at 10 weeks in February so know what you are feeling. We took 4 month off after to grieve and get over the desperate feeling. I felt this allowed me to really recover mentally and physically. Good luck with your journey. X

Seahorsesandunicorns Fri 10-Nov-17 17:00:44

Thanks Piglet, I have never tested since the MC so am none the wiser on that front. Is an evap line normally coloured? As this is slightly blue?

Hi Mouse, so sorry for your loss too, it hits you like a lightening bolt. I commend you waiting 4 months and realistically think that is what I should be doing, given my body physically needs a rest. I guess I'll be at the chemist first thing tomorrow.

Thanks both xx

Bonnieb168 Fri 10-Nov-17 18:37:17

Hi Seahorses
So sorry for your loss. What an awful time this is for you. I think it can sometimes take quite a while for hgc to leave your system sometimes especially if you have had high levels. I previously had tfmr at 14 weeks and it took 10 weeks for me to get negative test on sensitive tests and then my period finally came once hgc had disappeared. I remember looking into it and I think on average it takes 4-8 weeks or so depending on your levels when you miscarry.

Have you had a period since your miscarriage? I think if you have then that is good sign that hgc should be out of your system from the miscarriage. I know how frustrating it is but if it isn’t a new pregnancy, try to relax and give your body time to recover x

Seahorsesandunicorns Sat 11-Nov-17 11:10:43

Thanks Bonnie

No I've not had a period since so imagine it is more likely to be HCG that is left in my system. Wow 10 weeks, that's a long time but not surprising as pregnancy turns me into a skeleton who can't hold down anything. The power of hormones.

I've not bothered to do another test, I'm going to chill and continue to look after my body and research dealing with HG. Thanks again xx

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