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Ovulation troubles

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Gem173 Thu 09-Nov-17 22:18:17

So yesterday I had a near pos opk and this morning had quite a bit of pain in my left ovary. Nearly enough to take paracetamol but didn’t just worked through the pain. pain ended a bit before midday. Done a opk today and it was negative.
I am confused as to whether I have ovulated or not.
Have done the deed, 3 & 4 days ago as well as today. (ovia says I am in my fertile window)
Anyone got an experience of this? And went on to have a pos preg test.

Owlpatrol Thu 09-Nov-17 23:35:33

No sadly not never had a bfp however after trying for 10 months I have experience in that this happens to me most months. I know it's confusing bit try to get used to your body and dtd as much as possible at least every 2days . Good luck x

DontCareBear Fri 10-Nov-17 00:39:31

Hey there. If it helps my husband and i have been ttc for 2 years now and i never had a postive opk. But today i got my first ever smiley face! I tested because i had a lot of ewcm although i am on cd26 and already tested across the last 10 days and wasnt sure if i was getting a positive reading or not (i didnt use a digital opk until today). So i would say maybe look out for the ewcm as well when testing as i am way late ovulating so you may not even have ovulated either yet. My cycles are irregular but if i had to put a length on them i would say 33 days is the most common length i have experienced.

Good luck! X

Foreverretro Fri 10-Nov-17 04:34:06

If you have already ovulated then I don’t think you would get a positive OPK - they usually happen just before ovulation so it could be that you missed your LH peak between the near positive result and ovulating. Are you checking your temp & CM? These are more reliable signs of ovulation I think, you should have EWCM around ovulation and your temp should spike just after.

In any case if you have DTD 3 times in the past 4 days and have ovulated now you have a fair chance - Fingers crossed for you!

Gem173 Fri 10-Nov-17 06:13:33

Thanks for replying ladies ! I had had some Cm it’s been clear before ovulation and dries up into a thick chalky residue. Not sure if that means I’m near ovulation as I was getting my near pos opk at the time. I am not temping yet as I don’t want to be too stressed about TTC, it’s only my second month. @Foreverretro your reply is what I think could have happened, maybe my LH surge would have shown yesterday morning as my negative opk was at around 5:45pm last night. I did have a pos opk on my first cycle but never conceived. So we will just have to wait and see! Should I could today as 1dpo?

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