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Negative pregnancy tests but feeling pregnant.

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Helen290 Thu 09-Nov-17 14:45:19

Hi so I have been having very irregular cycles anyway this month i knew I ovulated I had a progesterone blood test at day 23 and it was above 30 anyway it was predicted I would come on my period either yesterday or today, I did some pregnancy tests mon, tue and yesterday and they all came up with faint lines around 10mins so I had a hcg blood test done as that is technically negative which came back as 15 I was told that could just of been a chemical pregnancy or I have implanted late and my hcg hasn’t increased yet.
so I’m feeling very lost as I feel different! I feel fatigued I have a lower back ache and abdominal ache but no spotting and generally feel very emotional I’m having another hcg blood test tomorrow so two days later in the hope it has risen or I am just going crazy 😩 has anyone else been through the same thing? Or knows anyone who has?.

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