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liz04 Wed 08-Nov-17 21:06:04

if you were scanned by Dr Stefano Cirillo at the Marion Gluck clinic and given the all clear, you should get yourself re-scanned. He scanned me, told me I was fine, and 4 months later i was in the A&E with 6 cm dermoid cyst that had caused an ovarian torsion. I lost my right ovary as a result of his negligence. My NHS consultant told me she would bet her life my cyst was there when I was scanned 4 months prior and the doctor missed it. One month after I complained to Marion Gluck herself, telling her she needed to tell every woman he'd scanned that they should be rechecked, Dr Cirillo skips town and they say they don't have an address for him. I was lucky. My cyst wasn't cancerous but I lost an ovary, which seems to have tipped me into full-fledged menopause. I am putting out this warning so that other women know the clinic is not reliable and it can have disastrous consequences. I have been told by other doctors that they've had problems with scans from the Marion Gluck clinic.

Cupcakesandlove Wed 08-Nov-17 22:00:44

Sorry you had to go through this. Thank goodness it wasn’t cancerous, I hope you gain full health.

Thank you for sharing as you may save someone’s life!

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