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Problems with pregnancy tests.

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Helen290 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:39:42

Hi i did a pregnancy test yesterday 2 days before my period using a test which has a 25ml sensitivity and it came up with a faint line which is the one on the left on the picture below then I did another one today which is one day before my period and it’s darker one on the right, however I did a test while at home first urine of the day using a pregnancy test which has 10ml sensitivity and it came out negative I used the Superdrug early response one, I don’t get why when I use the tests at work they come out with a faint line but that was negative but more sensitive?. Can anyone help?

MouseLove Wed 08-Nov-17 10:55:57

Superdrug tests are well known for being rubbish. Try a FRER but honestly. Those are positive. Congratulations.

Nikki2ol6 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:59:35

Last month I had a miscarriage but before that I was testing positive on first response and not super drug!! Iv gone off those tests now and stick to first response I heard the sensitivity is super low like 6.5 !!!

Helen290 Wed 08-Nov-17 12:16:31

Thank you well I spoke to fertility and they have advised a hcg blood test which I had done today so I guess I will know for sure tomorrow fingers crossed, so worried tho the last time I had this I had a chemical pregnancy so hard to be excited just worried if I’m honest.

EastDulwichWife Wed 08-Nov-17 13:17:19

Those both look like BFPs to me.

Helen290 Wed 08-Nov-17 16:02:13

I had the results of my HCG level and it’s 15 so not over 25 yet so obviously very early I have to wait till Friday to be tested again and hopefully it will go up, has anyone else had this before?

MouseLove Wed 08-Nov-17 17:44:19

You’ll be looking for it to double in the next 48 hours. It keeps doubling up until early in your pregnancy when it levels up. It’s within the normal range for 3-4 weeks pregnant. Congratulations. X

Helen290 Wed 08-Nov-17 18:35:34

@MouseLove do you think having a repeat hcg blood test Friday will be long enough?

Helen290 Wed 08-Nov-17 18:56:29

Also i have back ache is that normal this early on?

MouseLove Thu 09-Nov-17 12:22:17

Yes you should have a blood test 48 hours after your first. This is how they determine a viable pregnancy. X

Lorddenning1 Sat 11-Nov-17 20:00:20

Did u get ur results OP?

Nikki2ol6 Sun 12-Nov-17 09:51:08

Iv been having back ache and cramping and for me it’s been good. My results were 88 at around 12dpo my next test is next week but my lines are very dark now. Have you had Fridays results yet? I know how you feel not being able to get excited Iv had two chemicals in a row but hopefully thing one is a sticky bean

Helen290 Sun 12-Nov-17 18:28:48

@Nikki2ol6 yes I had my results Friday and it was 33 so it doubled in two days, and I had a definite positive pregnancy test three times lol so I’m guessing the doubling of numbers is good. Congratulations to you tho 🙂. Just the very occasional ache and back ache is normal then just so hard not to worry ,

Helen290 Sun 12-Nov-17 18:32:25


Lorddenning1 Sun 12-Nov-17 20:19:38

Congrats @Helen290

Helen290 Sun 12-Nov-17 20:25:45

@Lorddenning1 thank you 😊 just hard not worry lol I just hope that will pass a bit hard not to get obsessive about hcg levels and pregnancy tests lol, we have been trying for over a year so hard to believe it’s actually happened.

Lorddenning1 Sun 12-Nov-17 21:35:43

Aw try not to worry too much @Helen290, what will be, will be, enjoy your moment, we were trying for 2 years and with fertility drugs we got our baby boy smile he is a happy, naughty nearly 10 month old smile

Mrstobe90 Sun 12-Nov-17 23:05:31

Congratulations xx

Nikki2ol6 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:58:57

That great news!! And yea deffinet line now. I was aching last night felt like ovulation pains but Iv read that’s normal too as long as it’s mild

Helen290 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:05:55

Bad news my hcg has dropped from 33 to 19 and my progesterone is only 25 so it’s a chemical pregnancy again, this whole process is so soul destroying and it just feels like it will never happen I just want to give up. sad

Nikki2ol6 Mon 13-Nov-17 16:54:38

Hang in there I had two in a row two months In a row. I thought something was wrong with me and it was so hard to deal with but it just wasn’t meant to be for some reason 😔.

Helen290 Mon 13-Nov-17 17:27:59

@Nikki2ol6 this is my second I have irregular periods so my first one was 2 months ago and then now I’m just worried it will mess with my cycle again I.e I want ovulate next month just horrible all this waiting testing and then being disappointed it’s horrible.

Lorddenning1 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:43:02

So sorry to hear that @Helen290 big hugs to you xoxo

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