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Early period or spotting?

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Dianebz1 Tue 07-Nov-17 16:58:54

Hi I'm looking for some advise please? Anyone in a similar situation to me? I always have regular periods 28 day cycle and it's never been late or early.. maybe by a day or 2 ..I'm 36 years old, Iv got 2 sons to my previous husband, two boys age 13 and 16. Anyways I'm now back with my first love who I dated all through my teenage years, he also has 2 kids a boy and girl age 17 and 18. We've now been TTC since I got my coil removed 15 months ago but had no luck as yet. Anyways my last period was on the 5/10/17 then 3 weeks later on the 26/10/17 (a week before my period was due) I noticed some blood as I was wiping myself, this lasted for about 48 hrs ..I didn't need to wear a pad although I did find a spot on my pants at work the following day, then I was getting some red/pink on the toilet paper after I wiped myself! I found this really strange and started to google it which lead to me thinking it might have been some spotting?! So anyways I waited until my period was due and took a test and got a negitive result, I have since contacted my nurse who said to take some swabs and retest a week later and advised me to book a doctors appointment for blood tests ..I'm now 4 day late with my period and iv just tested negitive again's really frustrating me not knowing what's going on with my body!! Can anyone please help? Thanks Diane

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