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Anyone 30+ PCOS with a high BMI TTC?

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AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Mon 06-Nov-17 23:06:22

Hi... I’m totally new to this so please be gentle grin I think what I’m after is some reassurance that I’m not the only one and some people have managed it despite the overwhelming odds against them!

We’re -finally- ready to start TTC and I feel like everything is against me before we even start! I’m mid 30’s, high BMI with PCOS and little ovulation (cycles vary between 16 and 50 days). It’s cooincided with a recent ovary scan and blood test so my doctor is sending me to the gynaecologist to discuss the best course of action and if I need medication.

And I’m so scared. I’m scared to fall pregnant, I’m scared I never will, I don’t feel ready and at the same time feel like this is what I want more than anything in the world. Please tell me that’s normal!?!

peachesarenom Mon 06-Nov-17 23:24:56

Me too! I think we're normal!

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Tue 07-Nov-17 06:45:53

Lol normal gringringrin

I’m the worlds most impatient person so I’m gonna be a nightmare going forward wink

MouseLove Tue 07-Nov-17 07:40:51

The first step honestly is try and lower your bmi. Over the last two years I’ve lost 2 stone and I’m still working on it. If you unfortunately get to the stage of needing help they will not even look at you until your bmi is under 30. However, fingers crossed you fall pregnant quickly. Please also try to work on your patience.

NO EARLY TESTING. I promise you this has been my one hard and fast rule and in 14 months I’ve never ever tested early, and I’m not crazy yet. Other people get so caught up in the forum, early testing and severe disappointment when AF shows that it can soon turn into an obsessive and depressive time. And the last thing I want to be while creating my future children is filed with hate.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Whilst it is very scary it may take some time due to your pcos, and you have 9 months to get used to the idea once pregnant.

See your GP, get high dose folic acid 5mg. You need to be taking this 3 months prior to TTC ideally, or asap.

May I ask how high your bmi is? Mine is now hovering around the 35 mark and I’m desperately trying to get it under 35 for the next step. I’ve been TTC 14 months. I had a loss at 10 weeks in February. Unfortunately I’ll be under consultant care even if I do lose my weight due to a thyroid issue.

Good luck!

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Tue 07-Nov-17 08:22:57

Thank you for you’re helpful and kind words, right now it’s all positivity but I know I need to be so so patient!

BMI is 40 (I know, I know!) and with the PCOS dieting is that little bit harder and I really really should be avoiding carbs more than anything (lovely lovely carbs!) I joined slimming world, which I know is super carb heavy some of the time but at this moment I’ll take whatever weight loss I can get. One of the things I’m positive about is that it’s unlikely I’ll get any help until we’ve been trying for a little while so I have that time to shift a few —stone— pounds!

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Tue 07-Nov-17 08:23:25

And so sorry about your loss flowers

RavingRoo Tue 07-Nov-17 08:26:04

The next step will be blood tests, lots of requests to get you to lose weight if you want an IVF referral, and maybe Clomid and Metformin. As you’re mid-thirties you will probably only get to try Clomid / Metformin for 6 months before IVF so they may need you to get to a 30ish BMI for that.

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Tue 07-Nov-17 09:00:20

The weight thing is pretty serious isn’t it... totally rhetorical question there!

Right, on it like a car bonnet people. And TTC is kind of exercise so I kinda think I’m heading in the right direction grin

RavingRoo Tue 07-Nov-17 09:08:15

If it makes you feel better the whole thing about pcos women having lower metabolisms doesn’t apy if you walk at least 10k steps per day and exercise. I’ve been losing weight by eating 1800-2000 calories per day (am 5 7 (nearly!) and weigh just under 12 stones).

DottyDotAgain Tue 07-Nov-17 09:12:09

This was me 14 years ago. BMI was around 35, I've got PCOS and had also been diagnosed with Graves disease, ending up with a permanently under active thyroid after 2 lots of radioactive iodine...

Took me around 2 years to get pregnant and what made the difference eventually (I think) was losing weight and being put on Metformin - I was pregnant within 3 months of starting on it but had been losing weight steadily in the months before starting on Metformin. Ds is 13 now and I still think of him as a bit of a miracle baby..!

Good luck - definitely try with the weight and talk to your doctor about Metformin grin

thecolonelbumminganugget Tue 07-Nov-17 10:28:00

I don't want to be the bearer of false hope as I'm aware that I'm not typical. I'm 35 in a couple of weeks, have a bmi of 32, have pcos, and have had 2 ops for endometriosis 5 and 10 years ago. We started dtd 'knowing' that it would take a long time and we'd probably need assistance and conceived on cycle 2. A lovely problem to have but it has caught us off guard a little.

<looks around at falling down, half renovated house>

DaisyLand Tue 07-Nov-17 10:32:31

This could be me a few months ago.

Early 30s , 30bmi , high pcos (to the point I didn’t ovulate in 14m) and ttc for over a year when finally I saw a doctor in a fertility clinic.

I cried loads over the process as thought i would never get it whilst my friends were getting pregnant so easily.
I was given clomid at the beginning of this year. 1st round I cried loads as thought I’d never get it on this medicine

2nd round I cried even more ! I couldn’t believe I was pregnant ! So far 18w and still can’t believe , still thinking it’s just pcos affecting me and that’s why I don’t have the period.

So I hope my story gives you all a little bit of hope, fight for it and be as annoying as you can to doctors , only this way we’ll be heard.

MouseLove Tue 07-Nov-17 11:34:08

I think it’s over 36 you need only to be TTC for 6 months before investigations too. So definitely work towards that weight loss goal. Can highly recommend joining a gym. I have lost all my weight with no diets, just healthy eating and exercise.

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