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Going out of my mind-8 days late!

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Somethininthewater Mon 06-Nov-17 14:59:53

Such a complicated month! Came off pill, OPK said I ovulated on 15th... dtd lots! spotting at 10/11/12 dpo, cramping at 15 dpo like af was on her way-nothing happened. I’m tired, off my food, feel sick to the point I’m almost retching, bloated...
Getting bfn still at 22dpo! I’ve never missed a period in my life and my periods are ALWAYS heavy when I’m not in the pill.
What the actual hell is going on?! I feel like I did with all my other pregnancies but frer says otherwise.

Somethininthewater Mon 06-Nov-17 15:05:53

Oh and according to OPK I ovulated again 2 weeks after the first OPK was positive!!

NimbleKnitter Mon 06-Nov-17 15:21:01

Sounds like maybe you aren’t ovulating, which is why your body will have tried to ovulate again 2 weeks later.

It’s a common problem when coming off hormonal birth control

TerrifyingFeistyCupcake Mon 06-Nov-17 15:26:08

If you just came off pill it's probably going to take a while for your cycle to rebalance and you may not ovulate for a few months. The symptoms will come from the hormonal imbalance.

Poptart4 Mon 06-Nov-17 15:34:53

Sounds like your body is still adjusting from being on the pill. There's been afew threads were peoples cycles have been all over the place for a couple months after coming off the pill.

At 22dpo you would have a bfp by now if you were pregnant. There's a saying, "if your pregnant enough to have symptoms, your pregnant enough to get a bfp"

If your still worried go to your doctor to get a straight answer once and for all.

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