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How many days positive on OPK?

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BLM18 Mon 06-Nov-17 10:57:59


As quite new to ovulation testing have a question! How many days would you expect to get positive test? I had positive yesterday and still have one today. Day 16 of cycle today . Is it likely that I ovulated yesterday with the positive and hormones are still picking it up? I didn’t get to dtd yesterday (Sunday) but did Saturday .

Picture is all my tests - starting at bottom: sat am sat pm, sun and today .

Thank you

Pibbee Mon 06-Nov-17 11:19:29

The top two look positive to me. Ovulation tends to happen 12-48 hours after the first positive opk (however, a positive opk only indicates the time frame in which ov is likely to occur; it doesn’t confirm that it will happen). So for you it should be 12-48 hours from the time at which you did Sunday’s test.

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