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How soon to test and does a negative result three days before period mean your not pregnant?

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Helen290 Mon 06-Nov-17 09:16:32

Basically me and my partner have been trying for a baby for just over a year I had HE ( hypothalamic amenorrhea) for nine months which meant I didn’t have a period, this was due to exercise and low body weight since then I have corrected this and I had my first period in June, then I had a 62 day cycle then 39 and now this is 30.
I was referred to fertility and they did all the bloods known to man lol and they are all normal thank god I know this cycle is 30 days as I had my 23 day progesterone check and it shot up from 10 in day 21 then 34 on day 23 , I have done x3 pregnancy tests which were negative (yes I am crazy lol) last one was 4 days before my expected period anyway I have a few questions:
1: would you expect progesterone to be higher then that if I was pregnant?
2: is this normal to have a negative test 4 days before?
3: lots of people say that have symptoms only symptom I have had is fatigue but then it’s not even been 2 weeks post possible conception so would you expect anything?

Sorry long message any help would be appreciated 🙂 x

katiepage1993 Mon 06-Nov-17 09:33:22

Morning Helen

I can’t answer all of these but I’ve been testing for the past 10 days (I’m crazy too - ovulated on 18/19th October and AF due 31st October) and have had mostly negatives, then a few faint positives, the today bought a clear blue digital which says I am 1-2 weeks. I would have thought I would have got positives consistently but I have had loads of negatives and as it turns out I am pregnant so I wouldn’t lose hope!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Twickerhun Mon 06-Nov-17 09:37:30

I can’t answer your question 1
2) the only reliable negative results are after your period is due, and even then only if your period is properly late. Negatives before your period are not reliable.
3) I had no symptoms with my last pregnancy until I was 9+ weeks pregnant. Early pregnancy symptoms are often very similar to and symptoms.

Twickerhun Mon 06-Nov-17 09:37:55

*Similar to AFsymptoms

Helen290 Mon 06-Nov-17 10:35:47

Thank you for the responses, I just worry as I don’t want to get my hopes up it’s so soul destroying, especially cause I had a chemical pregnancy very early on a couple of months back with lots of faint lines etc, I am due my period Thursday so let’s hope I don’t come on 🙂

MouseLove Mon 06-Nov-17 10:48:56

Can’t answer your questions but I like to send this to ladies who test early. Honestly, there’s no point.

It’s from

The most common obsessions for women in the two week wait are all about a real lack of patience. Yes, there may be signs of implantation, such as a rising BBT, or some slight spotting, or symptoms of early pregnancy such as nausea, feeling more tired than usual, and cramping, but these symptoms are also very common during the luteal phase, as estrogen drops off, progesterone increases and for some women, PMS kicks in.

Ask these questions of yourself:

How is knowing if I am pregnant sooner than my expected menstruation beneficial to me?
Does noting every slight change in my body during the two week wait make me feel good or does it make me worry about the outcome? Notice how your body feels when you note these changes. Are you holding tension anywhere?
Remember, it is vital to be realistic during your two week wait. Rather than focusing on each little sign, or symptom of pregnancy, focus on nourishing, nurturing and cultivating patience in your life.

LisaSimpsonsbff Mon 06-Nov-17 13:13:46

I think it actually depends on your own psychological make-up whether or not early testing is a bad idea. I got a BFN this morning and while it didn't feel great, it felt a lot better than letting my hopes continue to ramp up for a few more days. I can now accept that the way I feel (which is, annoyingly, identical to how I've felt with all three of my pregnancies, though they all failed) is meaningless, and I genuinely find that helps me. I don't have the option for waiting for AF any more anyway because I have to take progesterone the last week of my cycle, but when I did I personally found that a much more crushing disappointment than a negative test. I think we're all different and you do what's right for you.

Helen290 Tue 07-Nov-17 11:42:35

Ok today I decided to do another pregnancy test yesterday I did one and got a very light line and today it’s slightly darker I don’t want to get my hopes up but it might be something........

Justwaitingforaline Tue 07-Nov-17 12:06:31

That’s positive,
Congratulations OP

Helen290 Tue 07-Nov-17 12:19:39

Yeh but I worry as it’s so early I haven’t missed my period yet it’s due Thursday that it will be a chemical pregnancy 😔

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