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Help me ... am I pregnant ?

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AT2015 Sun 05-Nov-17 19:39:15

I went on the pill for just over a week
After having my coil taken out then other half said to come off as he wanted us to try again...
After coming of my pill in September I came on my period 26th Sep and stopped bleeding on the 30th and then came on again only very lightly on the 6th October to the 8th October....
me and other half had intercorse on the 11th and 12th October ... I have not had a period since.
I have been super tired. Felt a little sick and had constant lower back pain and sometimes tummy cramps.
I took a test yesterday and it came back negative - it was a clear blue digital.
What is going on with me ?! Am I pregnant?
I mean it's been six weeks on Tuesday since my first period and 4 weeks on Friday since my little bleed.
Which one do I count as a "Period" and could going on the pill for just that little over a week mess my periods up I am usually very on time with my periods.
I would be so happy to be pregnant but feel a little confused ?

Mrstobe90 Mon 06-Nov-17 00:16:22

It may take a while for your periods to return to normal so it may be a case of waiting another week or so and doing another test. If you haven’t had a period in 2 weeks, speak to your gp.

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