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What are the chances?

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MamaDuckling Sat 04-Nov-17 18:51:07

DH and I have been using a new 'natural cycles' app as contraception - it's thermometer based and I've no qualms about it's effectiveness. Anyway.... it takes a few cycles to get used to your ovulation dates, and it's predicted date for my ovulation was later than the actual date they calculated later in the month.

Anyway, DH and I DTD on CD10, ov is pinpointed at CD11.

I'm now on CD 30. No AF. I'm normally a 27/28 day girl.

Pregnancy was not on the agenda.... my boobs feel a little full and tingly tonight. I know I need to just pick up a test, but how likely is it I'm a bit late for any other reason??

I've POAS (OPK) as I have one in the bathroom as apparently they detect Hpg - but it was negative earlier today.

What do you think, am I just late or possibly pg?!?

NimbleKnitter Sat 04-Nov-17 20:27:30

Take a pregnancy test and find out?

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