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Tww, CM help! :)

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Emx30 Sat 04-Nov-17 16:06:56


Hoping to get some opinions/advice from your experiences as I'm In the middle of nowhere on holiday going around in circles and won't be able to get any answers until I'm home sad

Mid way though my cycle this month I started to get what I thought were mild thrush symptoms around maybe 4dpo (haven't been tracking too obsessively the past few months)

I've had thrush only once before which was triggered by antibiotics. After three days of the same I went to the docs who prescribed the the pessary treatment for thrush incase there was a chance I was pregnant- also because what I was feeling felt internal, I had nothing happening outside or any kind of discharge (apologies!!). I felt awful for a few days while I used this (neausea, cramps, headaches) but this seemed to do the trick in getting rid of the symptoms.

I've had no sign of af yet but I'm only maybe a day late currently and I've been having cramps which make me think she's probably on her way? I have however (apologies in advance for tmi!) had a lot of watery looking CM over the past week, the past 2 days (way after completing the pessary meds) have seen a lot of watery, milky looking CM which I have never experienced in my life.

I've been feeling a little off and sick every now and again, but have been putting it down to the thrush knocking me off - has anyone had anything like this or any thoughts on my situation? smile)

E xx

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