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Shiela2017 Sat 04-Nov-17 08:45:58

Hi all,

I had one of my tubes removed because of an ectopic pregnacy in December last year. We are trying again and i've just got another BFN. I'm so sad and worried that it won't happen. I know the doctors have said I'm otherwise healthy but nothings happening. Anyone got any happy stories to tell me after a lost tube due to an ectopic? 🌺🌸

Cariad2014 Sat 04-Nov-17 10:51:18

I conceived DS six months to the day after I had my right tube removed following a ruptured ectopic. In fact, the egg was released from my right ovary and the left Fallopian tube moved across to pick it up - proving that biology is just brilliant when it works!

Sending enormous hugs your way. I felt surrounded by pregnant people after my ectopic and cried virtually every day the month I conceived (it corresponded with Mother’s Day and the EDD of the cp I suffered just before my ectopic), so I know how lonely and disheartening it feels. The odds are definitely in your favour though my lovely. I shall be keeping everything crossed that you get that healthy, sticky BFP very very soon. Do look after yourself in the meantime.

Now back on these boards having been ttc for a year for DC2 but it looks as though our issues are male factor oriented this time.

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