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Not exactly 2ww, advice on when to test?

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Secretbroody Fri 03-Nov-17 14:45:23

So I posted a week ago ish with a bunch of symptoms & was encouraged to just bite the bullet & test. I was nervous & haven't done this before so on my way home picked up a test & a bottle of orange juice to try and make me need to pee more. Despite all the symptoms it came up with nothing, BUT since being on mumsnet I've found that downing drinks to make you need it can dilute things & it's best to take the test with the first pee of the day so higher concentrations of the hormone are there, and also that Tesco and other brands of blue line pregnancy tests are seemingly terrible for being unclear. I still have one test from the pack & bf has advised I wait a bit to test again coz it says to take it from when your next period is due, but one of the symptoms that caused me to wonder was my last period (which was over 2weeks ago) being extremely unusual, much lighter than normal and didn't start til two days after it normally does. Should I kill myself waiting until my next period is meant to start next weekend or should a result show by now if I did it sooner?
P.s. complication of the matter is that I'm on the pill, I don't know if being on the pill could cause "af" to come even if I was pregnant? As it's not a true period the packet says, it's a withdrawal bleed. Anyone got advice relating to any of this?
Thanks in advance!

BandhaAid Fri 03-Nov-17 15:08:33

If you're on the pill and got a BFN, I can imagine you probably aren't pregnant, unless you have a reason for thinking the pill may not have worked for you last month? You may as well do a test asap just to check because if you are pregnant, it would probably show up by now.

BandhaAid Fri 03-Nov-17 15:15:14

Actually, sorry, I've just read that AF isn't due till next week. In that case, if you are pregnant, it still maybe too early to test

NimbleKnitter Fri 03-Nov-17 15:32:30

Wait - you had a period two weeks ago, are on the pill and had a negative pregnancy test?

I’d say it’s pretty unlikely you’re pregnant. A test would have picked up a pregnancy by now

JoJoSM2 Fri 03-Nov-17 18:25:49

The point of the pill is to stop you from getting pregnant. If you're using contraceptives, why the obsession and testing?

Secretbroody Sat 04-Nov-17 07:52:04

Okay, to clear up some stuff since I do definitely sound like a crazy person:
The period I had was unusually light, (tmi incoming)I have a heavy flow and from Mon evening to Fri Eve I completely fill tampons and when I take them out they're completely covered with lots. I take my last pill on a Friday, then without fail Monday Eve AF kicks in. This occasion, it didn't even start til weds afternoon, and was so light it wasn't even filling tampons and had stopped by friday.
My use of the pill is variable, sometimes I take it earlier sometimes later, there's a variation of a good few hours between doses sometimes which can start to lower the efficacy of it, but the week before my last week of pills- before the ridiculously light period, I also missed a pill completely and we did multiple times in the days surrounding the missed pill. That was why I started thinking I MAYBE could be and there were various symptoms, which have all increased over time since this all happened. The testing and obsession has come from that one sparking thought that I might be, because although I'm on the pill right now, I do want a baby, but I think the thought that I might be brought the feelings to such a head, and has made me realize how much I really do want one NOW not in theory "one day", so I began to hope I was- which of course won't help with the crazy symptom spotting. sad I know, it's all stupid sad

BandhaAid Sat 04-Nov-17 08:17:20

The pill should be taken within a 24 hours period. It's recommended to be at a similar time each day, yes, but I don't think sometimes taking it a bit later would make much difference. Missing a pull altogether could make a difference, yes, but I seem to remember from when I was on the pill that you're probably covered if you take the following day's pill on time. I may be wrong.

Maybe just go to a doctor if you're concerned.

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