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Ttc after cerazette

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Cali13 Fri 03-Nov-17 11:35:47

Hi I'm sure there's loads of threads on this already so I'm not sure what response I'll get but I just wanted to ask anyway. I was on cerazette for a few year , didn't get any bleeds unless I accidently missed a pill then I got some light spotting.
Our daughter is almost 5 and were trying for another baby. I stopped my cerazette end of august/start of September .. I got my period back on the 30th September which last about 4/5 days ...
I know people talked about withdrawal bleeds but I kinda thought this was a real period I got cuz the length and the cramps etc ...
I know cycles can last up to 35 days but mine were usually always about 28 days so I'm 6 days late so I took a few tests which were negative. I have had cramps but no period has come of it ... I'm probably getting my hopes up like me n my fiance have been having regular sex and stuff and I'm just unsure whether I'm testing too soon or my periods r just late cuz of the cerazette .. any help is appreciated. Thanks

physicskate Fri 03-Nov-17 12:23:31

It can sometimes take your body a bit of time to adjust to making its own hormones. Which means it may take a few months for your cycles to fall into a regular pattern, which may or may not resemble your cycles pre-pill. Our bodies are a bit unpredictable at the best of times, throw in synthetic hormones and you've got yourself a real mind-bender!

Generally af will start about two weeks after you ovulate, which is why many people on this forum track when they ovulate, so they can predict when af is actually due and thus, can know when they are 'late' in order to test.

Some people (like myself) don't have the most regular of cycles (mine are between 28-39 days) and so tracking ovulation is the only way I can tell when to test.

TheGhostsOfPresidentsYetToCome Fri 03-Nov-17 12:29:15

I tracked ovulation and it took me 6 months to ovulate again after cerazette. I'd been on it 7 years though so a lot longer than you.

Cali13 Fri 03-Nov-17 12:35:26

Thanks ladies. . I suppose everyone is different and after cerazette it may take a while 🙄 guess I'll just wait it out for a bit and see if af comea anytime soon xx

Oysterbabe Fri 03-Nov-17 13:05:43

After Cerazette my first cycle was 39 days and I got pregnant on my second. I was always 28 days pre-pill.
It can take a long time for things to regulate.

TonicAndTonic Fri 03-Nov-17 13:16:28

I went from 2.5 years of the implant to 6 months of cerazette before stopping it to TTC. I got bleeds throughout both types of contraception though. One thing I did find is that before all of that, I had cycles of of about 30 days. After stopping cerazette I fairly quickly settled into a 25 day cycle! Periods were shorter than they use to be too.

So I'd agree with the pp who said that your cycle after cerazette may or may not be what it was before, so look for patterns month-to-month now rather than comparing to pre-cerazette days.
I didn't track anything except time/duration of periods so don't know about ovulation, but got a bfp cycle 5. Good luck OP! flowers

SpadesOfGlory Fri 03-Nov-17 14:06:41

I stopped taking cerazette at the start of June and had no bleeding until my period came back 10th August. Since then I've had a 28 day cycle and a 42 day cycle so not in any way predictable yet!

I think it takes quite a while.

Cali13 Fri 03-Nov-17 20:55:11

Thanks all for your comments smile definitely can see that cerazette is different for everyone and things may take time to regulate ... Guess I'll just wait for my next af ! Xxx

Ladykat457 Sun 05-Nov-17 09:14:06

I’ve just come off it too and my first cycle was 40 days. I’m now onto cycle 2 and hoping it will be a bit shorter! I was on it for around 15 years!!

idontwanttodothisanymore Sun 05-Nov-17 21:35:22

I fell pregnant with DD2 the day after coming off cerazette and I’m now pregnant with no3 which took 4 months.

Cali13 Mon 06-Nov-17 10:26:00

Thanks for all the replies flowers everyone is so different aren't they! I've still no af and it's been 37days since my last hmm my cycles are still a bit irregular I'm guessing cuz I'm getting negative pregnancy tests. Just hard to know when ovulating! I'll just have to wait and keep trying ! Thanks everyone x

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