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Talk to me about my temps please :D

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user1496231209 Thu 02-Nov-17 12:46:38

I would love some help please lovelies! I'm due AF either yesterday or on Friday as my cycles range from 31-35 days

So my temps for the last couple of days are below

9DPO - 98.36F
10DPO - 98.24F
11DPO - 98.78F
12DPO - 98.26F

As you can see there was a lovely climb on 11DPO that really got my hopes up however today on 12DPO we are back down to nearly 10DPO temperature. My average pre-ovulation temp is around 97.7F.

Even with my drop today do you think I could still be in with a chance? Negative HPT yesterday morning and was so hoping for another rise this morning so was gutted with the drop.

MouseLove Thu 02-Nov-17 12:56:30

Do you have a chart to show us. Much easier since most of us work in C not F. Honestly I wouldn’t even try and work out if you’re pregnant or not. Temps can plummet suddenly just before, after or during AF. It’s unpredictable as the same hormones are present in the build up to AF.

Flybynight1 Thu 02-Nov-17 21:32:29

A drop in temp for 1 day can signal an implantation dip but the temps need to come back up the day (or 2) after. See what you get in the morning smile

Definitely chart your temps on a plot like Fertility Friend, it helps track patterns

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