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Sainsburys Pregnancy Tests

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JuliaS44 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:58:31

Hi Everyone,

I have tested using Sainsburys blue due tests and don't know if i am going mad or if this is a positive test?

any help would be great

Somethininthewater Mon 30-Oct-17 20:59:28

Show us a pic 😊

JuliaS44 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:59:35

Oh i don't know how to add pictures?

Santawontbelong Mon 30-Oct-17 20:59:37

Where is the picture??

MamOfFrankie Mon 30-Oct-17 21:02:21

Click on the little paperclip icon to attach images smile

KTD27 Tue 31-Oct-17 12:28:12

Hate the Sainsbury’s ones. I got a line but knew I wasn’t and so did the second test with water and got the same result. Avoid! Try another brand and in particular pink dye ones (love me a FRER)

user1470147116 Tue 31-Oct-17 16:42:26

Sainsbury's blue dye tests nearly always show a thin blue evaporation line for me.

I don't like them so used First Response tests only.

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