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Pregnant so soon after a miscarriage - advice please!

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webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 13:21:54

Okay, so I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant and a week later I unfortunately had a miscarriage (Friday lucky am I) with no complications and no need for D&C, but was physically and mental exhausting as I’m sure you will all know sad

Anyway, heavy bleeding stopped a few days later and got lighter, turned into some brown discharge which carried on till around Thursday 19th, maybe even the Friday.

We’ve been trying conceive and have D.T.D around 4 times since then, first on Monday 23rd and for a few days after, and around 4 days ago I started feeling really nauseous. I had some fertile like discharge around this time, which is a great sign, but I’m so surprised at how I’m feeling and how so soon.

When I first found out I was pregnant before the miscarriage, the nausea was a dead give away and my boobs were like rocks too, but I have no idea how any of this will work since I’ve not had a cycle since my miscarriage and no dates to work off of.

I gave my last lot of bloods this morning at the hospital and I am eagerly awaiting the results as I explained how I was feeling to the midwife and she said it wouldn’t be impossible if I was pregnant again.

Is there anyone out there who could help me out with advice!? Could I be pregnant again so soon!? I’m having a few symptoms that rang alarm bells last time but I’m mentally trying not to get myself worked up and excited. Also to note, after my miscarriage within days all my symptoms had disappeared including the sore boobs and nausea, and last Monday (23rd) my HCG measured only 19. The midwife said they just wanted a last lot of blood today to make sure everything was definitely gone, but ofcourse if it has risen then.....

Anyone had similar experiences? I’m pacing the floor waiting for my results this afternoon, but would love to hear about any of you who got pregnant straight after a miscarriage and what your experiences/symptoms were like.

Thanks so much! smile

JoJoSM2 Mon 30-Oct-17 13:56:41

I’m sorry about your miscarriage.

See how today goes. The reason they need to measure your hCG it to make sure all the pregnancy tissue is out. If today comes back as some hCG still being there, or even increased it could be some tissue or a fresh pregnancy. No way of tellling until you’re further investingated.
Best of luck!

webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 14:01:04

Hi JoJoSM2, yes that’s what I was thinking! She did say my numbers dropped pretty quickly when it all started, and they were sure that it would probably be at 0 today (or near enough), unless I’m pregant again! Trying to keep my fingers crossed but not get too excited grin
Still no news! Thanks for your input though! smile

Shehz21 Mon 30-Oct-17 14:06:02

Seems like it could be a fresh pregnancy grin but no need to get my knickers in a twist getting excited for you until you report back with good news.

Sorry for your loss flowers

Keep us updated xx

webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 14:13:15

Thankyou Shehz21!! I’m hoping it might be too fingers crossed...will keep you all updated! smile x

Sarah103 Mon 30-Oct-17 16:47:34

Hi Webster144

Did you have any news?
I am in a similar situation, not pregnant again yet but had a m/c 2 days ago! Will be ttc straight away and hoping for best just like you.
Really hope you got the news you wanted!
Let us know! Xxxx

webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 17:40:50

Hi Sarah103 & others,

Midwife phoned this afternoon after I post and said that they’re happy as my hormones have now fully left my system and I amen’t pregnant.

Gutted to say the least as I was desperately hoping she would phone and say they’d risen and was showing a fresh pregnancy! Maybe too much wishful thinking sad I had said to her on the phone about how I thought I was pregnant as I was feeling sick and having backache and on/off headaches alongside similar feeling/symptoms as before, and she said to wait a few weeks and see, could be too early to tell.

Guess it’ll be a long few weeks! My fingers and toes are crossed sad I’ll be back to let you know whats happened, if anything! x

Sarah103 Mon 30-Oct-17 18:11:09

Aww sorry to hear that but you never know, it may be too early!
Let us know!

Also, we are gonna ttc straight away as I’m ovulating next week grin
I heard fertility is higher then normal after a miscarriage, is this true? Has anyone else heard this?
Heard from a few people, read it online and my doctor mentioned it!
So we will deffo be dtd to increase our chances smile

Lots of luck for you xxx

webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 18:19:33

Yes Sarah103, I’ve heard the same about having higher fertility after a miscarriage, we’ve been ttc since the bleeding has stopped, but we’re trying not to think about it too hard as I’ve heard lots of people say putting stress on it and desperately trying to make it happen can make it do the opposite! We’re just trying to go with the flow and see what happens, but ofcourse if it did happen so soon me and OH would be overjoyed!

I’m so sorry for your loss too. It’s a terrible time and drains you both mentally and physically but it definitely brought me and my partner closer and we’re more loved up and appreciative of each other than ever!!

I’ll definitely keep in touch here if all goes well! I hope you’re not ttc for too long either and wish you the best of luck flowers please keep us updated too!! xxx

Sarah103 Mon 30-Oct-17 19:26:12


Thank you so much for your kind words! We will definitely be ttc as soon as and hope for the best. Praying really helps, I have so much faith in God it will happen very soon and I hope for the same for you.
Baby dust all around!!
I know it’s definitely possible for it to happen soon after miscarriage and hopefully we get this luck coming our way.

When will you be able to do a test? X

webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:16:06

Thanks Sarah103, at some of the darkest moments of my miscarriage I found myself praying to God for it to be over and to bring me back the child we so wanted. It obviously just wasn’t meant to be unfortunately.

I honestly have no idea about when I can test again, I miscarried on Friday 13th and normally have clockwork regular cycles monthly... but it’s all quite confusing for me if I’m honest as the bleeding thinned out but dragged on a bit. I had fertile like discharge about 4 days ago and was hoping that was me ovulating again but normally I’m so in tune with my body and know and feel what’s happening, but since the miscarriage I can’t really tell. I think it’s also harder for me as I haven’t had a cycle since, and I’m literally guessing right now. Assuming I have just ovulated, I would see a period in a few weeks. The midwife also advised me to hold off testing for a few weeks, so I guess I’ll have to just wait!

Even if I had just conceived, according to google even a blood test wouldn’t show for atleast 7-10 days after conception. So no wonder my blood test came back negative today.

These next few weeks will be long!!! But I note everything down on a period/fertility app on my phone so I can refer! Any twinge or ache is making me nervous but also quite excited...

How are you feeling Sarah103? I hope your miscarriage wasn’t too traumatic, and I’m so sorry for your loss. flowers It can be an incredibly lonely time which I’ve found, none of my friends knew and only my mother knew but she’s been so upset about it all she’s just stopped talking about it altogether as she gets upset and doesn’t know what to say and I end up having to console her. My partner also seems to have got over it a little quicker than I hoped but of course he hadn’t experienced it physically and it wasn’t happening to his body so I can’t blame him too much...

Feel free to private message me to chat if you like, I always love a good gab! grin x

willisurvive3under2 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:29:05

I’m sorry about your loss flowers

I’m proof that fertility can be at its peak after a MC - I got pregnant straight after a MC at around 6 weeks and it’s twins (eeek).

Basically I considered the first day of my MC as the start of my period. My midwife said it’s relatively common.

Good luck, I hope next month it happens for you. smile

webster144 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:44:23

Aww how lovely willisurvive3under2! I hope I will be as lucky as you, I’m dying to see that positive pregnancy test again! I hope all goes well for you - good luck! star thank you for your message xx

Sarah103 Mon 30-Oct-17 21:21:18

I am feeling okay now. It was quite a shock on Saturday when it happened and the bleeding was pretty bad which never helps the pain of dealing with it. But I am much better today and getting through it much better.. just focusing on starting to try again in a few days! Can’t wait grin

I really believe it can happen straight after (pregnancy) as fertility is at its highest and I have friends and family who have had it happen..
so I am very positive and have a lot of faith..

Really hope it’s good news for you! Xx

Willsurvive3under2 - congrats!!! Such a blessing, twins!!

Sarah103 Wed 01-Nov-17 09:39:34

Hey Webster144

How are your feeling? Still having pregnancy signs? Xx

Hullabaloo31 Wed 01-Nov-17 09:46:39

I got pregnant again 2 weeks after a miscarriage. Unfortunately I lost that one too but know just as many friends who did the same and all was ok. I left it one clear cycle after the second m/c to get myself straight again and then got pregnant again, my daughter is now 2.5!

Sarah103 Wed 01-Nov-17 10:27:26

Hullabaloo31 - I’m so sorry you had to go through the pain of 2 miscarriages - but went on to have a beautiful girl!
We are going to start trying asap and hope for the best. My doctor did recommend waiting a full cycle before ttc again but I think they recommend this to everyone who’s been thru an early m/c. Knowing fertility is higher after is a risk I’m going to take and pray for the best!
I know they say there isn’t any real reason for a miscarriage but did you anything different after?
We have been eating extremely healthy and making sure to take our prenatal vitamins everyday...

Hullabaloo31 Wed 01-Nov-17 11:37:09

No nothing different at all. We knew the reason for the first one - I had a scan and it showed mo-mo twins and they'd just stopped growing at 10 weeks, I think this is pretty common as they're high risk. The second time I think my hormones etc were just still messed up from such a recent m/c and it never really got going tbh.

It was pretty crappy at the time, but in my case nature seemed to know what it was doing, and my little girl is definitely the one 'meant' to be here! I hope you get lucky soon. x

webster144 Sat 04-Nov-17 14:21:41

Hi Sarah103, yes still having symptoms! Have just made a new post with some pics of my pregnancy test I took this morning...far too early for me to be testing but I couldn’t resist...feel like I can see an extremely faint positive line?!

Desperate to see that bfp line again sad

Give me your thoughts flowersx

BlueeSpottyTiger Sat 04-Nov-17 22:40:47

So sorry for your loss! sad xx
I've had 2 mc's my first one was at only 5 weeks and my scecond was a mmc at 12+5. That was on the 8th of Sep. I started ttc straight after the bleeding stopped. (I had a natural mc and passed everything within 5hours so needed no d&c) i did a pregnancy test at 8&9 dpo and they had extremely faint lines only to go negative again.. then a few days af started. It was just the hcg leaving my system completley. I'm now on my first proper cycle post mc and I'm 6dpo so hoping i fall pregnant again soon. I have a 21month old daughter already and have conceived all 3 of my pregnancies by 2 or 3 cycles of trying. Goodluck to you! Xx

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