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TTC - going on holiday

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Bunny99 Mon 30-Oct-17 12:35:02

Hello smile

I'm new, this is my first post so please excuse if I'm doing it wrong...

26 years old
TTC baby number one

I've been TTC for a few months now, and I've got a holiday booked to the Maldives leaving next week for 2 weeks away. This is a huge holiday for us as we live in the U.K and for us it's a pretty expensive treat... so we have planned it to be a little baby making holiday. My fertile window is smack bang in the middle of the holiday! I was over the moon! Been taking folic acid and doing everything I can to help/be as healthy as possibly to conceive.

All going great. Until now, when I've read that the Zika virus had been reported last year in the Maldives in 3 people. So that's now worrying me, as if you get the virus most of the time you wouldn't even know it and then for a male it can stay in semen for 6 months!!! So no TTC for 6 months... really I'm just looking for any advise or anyone who has been to the Maldives pregnant/TTC. From what I can see the chances are pretty slim of these things happening... Zika reports have gone very quiet this year everywhere, and between us we've probably only been bitten a handful of times in our lives so not very prone to mosquito bites. However I just don't know very much about the whole situation...

JoJoSM2 Mon 30-Oct-17 13:08:01

I delayed our IVF treatment this summer... When we got back, we needed to wait a month and both got tested. As both tests were negative, we were able to go ahead. So the delay is more likely to be 5-6 weeks rather than 6 months if you do the test and you’re negative.

One thing I would say, just waiting for 6 months might not be effective if one of you catches Zika as you could pass it back and forth between each other.

Belleelle Mon 30-Oct-17 13:08:25

Hi Bunny99 - we went to the Maldives on honeymoon in the summer and I had similar fears to you but once I was there I was a lot more reassured. They sprayed the island 4x a week for mosquitos and there was a pregnant woman there who was completely fine. We used protection just in case but didn't get bitten so decided to start trying as soon as we got back. Sadly not happened yet though! I'd maybe still check with your Gp just in case though. thanks Good luck and have an amazing time - such a beautiful place!

Bunny99 Mon 30-Oct-17 13:24:56

Thank you Jojo and belleelle for your replies, that really helps. I will definitely give my GP a call before I go- good luck belleelle fingers crossed you do fall pregnant very soon!!! X

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