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Margaret111 Sun 29-Oct-17 16:00:29

Stopped my pill 8 October. 14th had pain on one side for a week. 16th had light brown discharge and for the last two days. Also feeling nausea painful swollen boobs! Light headed. Off my food. Smells knock me sick. Tests are negative. Anyone else had this. Not sure if it's ovulation or implantation .... 🙈 Or period coming

physicskate Sun 29-Oct-17 16:09:23

Impossible to say. It's only been 3 weeks. Give it time...

You could be ttc for a few more days before a bfp, or it could be several more years. Try to just get on with things as normal. Oh and take folic acid and vit D.

Margaret111 Sun 29-Oct-17 16:53:29

Hi sorry I'm new to this page. Thanks for you response. What is ttc & bfp please
I'm taking folic acid aswell. Thanks 😀

Warhammerwidow89 Sun 29-Oct-17 17:05:22

Ttc - trying to conceive.

Not sure on the other. T

physicskate Sun 29-Oct-17 17:46:01

Bfp= big fat positive... positive pregnancy test.

Margaret111 Sun 29-Oct-17 17:56:54

Ow great thanks so much for the reply. I have two children & also two miscarriages but all four pregnancies were in the first month. Think I'm just getting overly impatient. Haha like you say it's only been three weeks. 🙈😀

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 00:17:02

When I stopped taking the pill I had similar symptoms - could’ve sworn I was pregnant but eventually AF (Aunt Flo) turned up and of course I wasn’t. It’s crazy sometimes but when you want to be pregnant your body can trick you into thinking you are and you can mistake PMS signs for pregnancy signs!

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 12:24:03

Thanks for the reply. Nothing is happening either way as yet. But it's not four weeks yet since I stopped the pill so we will just keep trying ! I'm so impatient 🤣🙈

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 14:02:15

Don’t worry I know how you feel 😂 the whole process reaaaaaaally shows how impatient you are, I have tried to just wait for AF but still every morning I’m up POAS, it’s torture!

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 14:31:35

Hi sorry what's AF & POAS 🙈 good luck to you both for a positive soon xx

colourful86 Wed 01-Nov-17 14:40:20

I had my implant out 3 weeks ago... waiting for signs of AF to appear but nothing sad used other protection as I wanted to get cycle back to normal before TTC. Anyone else had to wait a while for AF after having implant removed?

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 14:43:26

@Margaret111 sorry Hun! So AF is Aunt Flo (period), POAS is peeing on a stick lol - I was so new to this a month ago I thought they were all scientific terms 😂😂

@colourful86 I had my implant out 1st of August, and didn’t get my first period until 8th October... it can be a wait but it’s totally normal! Everyone’s body is different xx

Bubblegum89 Wed 01-Nov-17 14:43:38

I have theee symptoms every month and have done for the last 12 months of ttc lol you really won’t know for sure until your period shows up or you get a positive test. These “symptoms” are always the worst when you just come off contraception but they are also completely normal and are to be expected as your body adjusts

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 14:47:08

@Bubblegum89 A.MEN. I literally am always convinced I am pregnant 😂 I feel a little twinge in my body and that’s it, it’s the month! It makes me feel like I’m going insane, I over examine ANYTHING my body does 😂😂

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 15:54:56

I'm same as you then 8 oct my last pill. I've had four pregnancies in the first month of trying. Two girls and two MC. Guess I'm taking for granted this will be the same. Another week I'm hoping for an answer either way ☺️

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 16:10:01

@Margaret111 you have a good chance then! I’m hoping you get your BFP!! X

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:25:34

Us too & same too you. although I'm thinking I'm mad at nearly 40 🤣🤣🤣❤️

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 16:27:12

@Margaret111 my mom is 44 and really wants a baby but is scared she thinks she’s “old” - I keep convincing her otherwise... age is just a number!! X

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 16:31:52

Definitely ... you'll have a pregnancy buddy ☺️

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 17:06:47

@Margaret111 feels a bit weird when you say it like that 😂 I’m the age now my mum was when she had me... but still, pregnancy is so beautiful and I’d love for her to have another one!

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:36:02

It is. And a miracle. My MC history scares me but I can't wait to add to my family and really try my best to be positive throughout x

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 17:51:38

@Margaret111 of course, that’s understandable but remember that you also have two children so keep it positive smile x

Margaret111 Wed 01-Nov-17 17:57:52

Will do for sure thank you ☺️
Hope you get your results ☺️

kjhh Wed 01-Nov-17 18:59:32

@Margaret111 and you! Keep me posted xx

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