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U see a second line right?

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Happy03 Sat 28-Oct-17 04:02:47

Hi all

I’m sure I see a second line was slightly darker at first picture taken after a few minutes but line appeared within 3 minutes.

I so want this


ReturnofSaturn Sat 28-Oct-17 04:40:10

Hm I'm not sure to be honest, it's not very clear. Are you at least on the day of missed period yet? If you are i would expect line to be alot darker and clearer if positive.
Think you're gonna have to wait a day or two to be sure. smile

LikeTheShoes Sat 28-Oct-17 04:45:18

I can see it! Congratulations!

user1494815704 Sat 28-Oct-17 04:49:37

I don't see it

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 28-Oct-17 05:25:08

No, really sorry but don’t see it at all.

Xeneth88 Sat 28-Oct-17 05:45:44

No. Nothing at all.

Rhynswynd Sat 28-Oct-17 05:54:16

I can see it even without my glasses. X

Happy03 Sat 28-Oct-17 06:11:35

Really????? It’s there isn’t it???? Sorry going out my mind!!!!

bristolone Sat 28-Oct-17 07:00:18

Sometimes you can see where the line should be but mine were faint like that and I was pregnant. Try with early morning we.

JoJoSM2 Sat 28-Oct-17 07:07:18

I can’t see it. But if you’re pregnant, then it’ll be more visible tomorrow or the day after when you try a test.

Nadeynoo Sat 28-Oct-17 08:55:51

I see it

Cakebaby123 Sat 28-Oct-17 08:59:30

I definitely see a very faint line, when did you take it? If its been a while since you did that particular test then it could be an evaporation line, if not then its a line nonetheless! X

Happy03 Sat 28-Oct-17 10:54:07

Thanks guys this was taken within time limit surely can’t be evap line. Done 3 all look the same x

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