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Post Depo injection

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RustyPaperclips Sat 28-Oct-17 02:44:07

About 18 months after I had my last Depo shot I finally got my period. For the first time I experienced definite signs that I hadn’t really experienced since being on any contraception (swollen breasts, spots suddenly appearing on my face etc) Plus my periods seemed to be regulating, maybe off by a couple of days, and shorter than previously, but I felt so glad that finally my period was starting to get back to normal.

But last month i was about 7 days late. Pregnancy test was negative and I was under a lot of stress at work.

This month I am now 15 days late, I took a test 3 days ago and it was negative, but still no sign.

Is this considered normal post Depo Provera or should I be concerned?

physicskate Sat 28-Oct-17 07:06:29

This is considered normal when under a lot t of stress, or from depo! You probably haven’t ovulated...

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