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Weird period help!!

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Pinky123789 Fri 27-Oct-17 16:44:11

Hi I'm new to this and need some help, I started light bleeding on the 22nd very light first tiny bit was brown then wemtlight pink to red but was still very light for me that adted 3 days now I'm getting brown blood but its very light tiny bits on my pad any help on why this could be my periods can be irregular but never as light as this. I have had 2 tests one at the doctors and one at home both negative confused

felicityheather Fri 27-Oct-17 17:24:27

Sometimes a light bleed can be after an anovulatory cycle, or as you have thought in early pregnancy. Was it a very long cycle before this bleed? Did you have any evidence that you ovulated?

Pinky123789 Fri 27-Oct-17 21:09:49

No evidence of ovulation but my last period was just a normal one

BandhaAid Fri 27-Oct-17 22:29:21

Your last period can be normal and you could still not have ovulated this cycle. Most women have a few cycles where ovulation doesn't happen at some point.

Pinky123789 Fri 27-Oct-17 22:46:29

Ok thanks for your help

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