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Confused by my OPKs 😕

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Bubz200 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:12:17

Evening ladies, I'm hoping for abit of advise from anyone who has used OPKs please 💐

So..My cycles seem to finally be going back to normal after coming off the pill a year ago. I started using OPKs again last month having given up using them in the past because I never got any where close to a positive.

So, last month I got a near positive on CD20 and a blazing positive on CD21. This month I got a near positive on Tuesday (CD17) but since then they have become more and more faded and I'm really confused. Does that mean I geared up to ovulate and didn't? Maybe I missed my surge somehow (I tested twice on CD17 and both were nearly positive) Or should I just keep testing as last month it was CD21?

Thank you xx

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