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Could this be implantation cramps

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Mariamamjad Thu 26-Oct-17 18:53:41

On the 29th September I thought I had finished my period, had bath and did the deed with my partner only to realise I was still spotting brown discharge from end of period. On the 8th October I was suffering with cramps in my lower abdomen and weren't quite sure why. And since past week I have been feeling slightly nauseous, sore tender breasts, my period is due in 2 days but for last 4 months I have always been early by 4-6 days, just looking for any advice if this could have been implantation cramps x

BandhaAid Thu 26-Oct-17 19:20:24

October 8th is only 9 days after your period ended, so it could not possibly have been implantation. However, you could have gotten pregnant later on in that cycle. If AF doesn't show in a day or two you could POAS

BandhaAid Thu 26-Oct-17 19:32:53

Assuming you have had sex at all since then?

Mariamamjad Thu 26-Oct-17 19:45:32

Yea if been having sex since then, the last time was a few days ago and I was feeling so nauseous through out that afterwards I actually vomited x

BandhaAid Thu 26-Oct-17 19:47:04

Well, really you'd need to know roughly when you ovulated. You could take a test at any point though!

Pibbee Thu 26-Oct-17 19:57:06

Take a test. No one on the internet can answer your question.

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